Major Instance Map Overhaul!
We updated all our existing maps and added new overview maps. Droplists have been added per instance, we'll be finetuning the instance legends accordingly over the next few weeks.
PeekUploader changes
We've been listening to our most avid users and their requests. So from now on the PeekUploader application will simply start up and no longer appear in the taskbar.
Guide Updates
We finally managed to get the Tailoring guide finished and we'll be adding Faction/Grinding updates to our existing guides. Guides for gathering professions are also in the works. Keep checking back for more updates!

New layout and features
It's been almost 1 year since we launched WoWPeek. In the meantime World of Warcraft has gradually evolved, and we felt the need for added features. Take a look around our "new" site, we are almost sure you are going to like it. If you don't like it you can still reach v1 at

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We are looking for dedicated people that are willing to help us write some guides, meaning quest guides and profession guides and guides in general. All we can offer at this time is you being credited along with the help you can give. Interested in becoming a part of WoWPeek, write us at
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The Shade of Elura
2971 days ago - posted by StormyKnite
where do i get on the boat at ??
The Firewing Liaison
3569 days ago - posted by phfee
she is in main Hut 67.53! there is 3 mobs that can be pulled individually :-)
Veil Skith: Darkstone of Terokk
3570 days ago - posted by phfee
its at 30,42 - the purple "thing" just click it and use the rod
Strange Sources
3595 days ago - posted by phfee
follow the road south when you are at (60,73), just over the bridge, you done with the quest
Howling in the Hills
3601 days ago - posted by brunis
Yowler has been nerfed since this guide was written! His level should be more equal to the quest level.
The Red Crystal
3737 days ago - posted by ritamerlot
it's at 47,48
Arm the Wards!
3744 days ago - posted by Zengele
Daily quest that yields 150 shattered sun offensive reputation. Pretty straight forward to do. [mana remnants] are easily aquired from the wretched Fiends and Devourers. Just above 30% droprate.
3785 days ago - posted by barkje
To get the quest you need to deliver the letter (Burning Legion Missive) dropped by Warmaker Arix'Amal ( from the quest Invasion Point: Annihilator) to Honor Hold
3788 days ago - posted by brunis
You need to go and kill at Carrion Hill (42, 52) and use her corpse to summon Torgos at the Bane of Torgos (27, 56)
Maktu's Revenge
3798 days ago - posted by brunis
Mragesh is lurking in the waters near 42, 42 just north of the little island in Serpent Lake.
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