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Mobs in "Western Plaguelands"
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Mob Level Area
Alchemist Arbington58Western Plaguelands
Alexia Ironknife51Western Plaguelands
Anchorite Truuen58Western Plaguelands
Araj the Summoner61Western Plaguelands
Argent Defender - The Argent Dawn65Western Plaguelands
Argent Officer Pureheart - The Argent Dawn60Western Plaguelands
Artist Renfray12Western Plaguelands
Baker Masterson37Western Plaguelands
Bibilfaz Featherwhistle - Gryphon Master55 - 65Western Plaguelands
Black Rat1Western Plaguelands
Blighted Zombie52 - 53Western Plaguelands
Bloodshot54Western Plaguelands
Caer Darrow Horseman52Western Plaguelands
Carrion Lurker52 - 53Western Plaguelands
Carrion Vulture50 - 52Western Plaguelands
Cauldron Lord Bilemaw53Western Plaguelands
Cauldron Lord Malvinious55Western Plaguelands
Cauldron Lord Razarch56Western Plaguelands
Cauldron Lord Soulwrath58Western Plaguelands
Cavalier Durgen57Western Plaguelands
Chromie63 - 80Western Plaguelands
Commander Ashlam Valorfist61Western Plaguelands
Crimson Elite60Western Plaguelands
Decaying Horror57Western Plaguelands
Decrepit Guardian55 - 56Western Plaguelands
Deer5Western Plaguelands
Devouring Ooze55 - 56Western Plaguelands
Diseased Black Bear52Western Plaguelands
Diseased Grizzly55 - 56Western Plaguelands
Diseased Wolf53 - 54Western Plaguelands
Elder Meadowrun60Western Plaguelands
Enraged Gryphon65Western Plaguelands
Eva Sarkhoff54Western Plaguelands
Fallen Hero60Western Plaguelands
Farmer Dalson56Western Plaguelands
Fetid Zombie54 - 56Western Plaguelands
Flesh Golem57Western Plaguelands
Flint Shadowmore - SI:760Western Plaguelands
Foreman Jerris62Western Plaguelands
Freezing Ghoul55 - 56Western Plaguelands
Ghost of Uther Lightbringer - Knights of the Silver HandBossWestern Plaguelands
Grand Inquisitor Isillien63Western Plaguelands
Haunting Vision57 - 58Western Plaguelands
High Priest Thel'danis58Western Plaguelands
High Priestess MacDonnell60Western Plaguelands
High Protector Lorik61Western Plaguelands
High Protector Tarsen59Western Plaguelands
Highlord Taelan Fordring - Highlord of the Scarlet Crusade63Western Plaguelands
Hungering Wraith56 - 58Western Plaguelands
Huntsman Radley56Western Plaguelands
Showing 1 to 50 out of 118 results 1 2 3
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