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Name Type Profession
Baa'ri Tablet FragmentChest/Herb/MineOpening
Baelog's ChestChest/Herb/MineOpening
Bailor's OreChest/Herb/MineOpening
Balia'mah Trophy SkullsChest/Herb/MineOpening
Balnir SnapdragonsChest/Herb/MineOpening
Barrel of Melon JuiceChest/Herb/MineOpening
Barrel of MilkChest/Herb/MineOpening
Barrel of Sweet NectarChest/Herb/MineOpening
Battered ChestChest/Herb/MineHerb Gathering
Battered ChestChest/Herb/MineOpening
Battered FootlockerChest/Herb/MineOpening
Bauble ContainerChest/Herb/MineOpening
Beached Sea CreatureQuest ItemOpening
Beached Sea CreatureChest/Herb/MineOpening
Beached Sea TurtleQuest ItemOpening
Berard's BookshelfChest/Herb/MineOpening
Bingles's BlastencapperChest/Herb/MineOpening
Bingles's ToolbucketChest/Herb/MineOpening
Bink's ToolboxChest/Herb/MineOpening
Black LotusChest/Herb/MineHerb Gathering
Blackhoof ArmamentsChest/Herb/MineOpening
Blacksmithing PlansChest/Herb/MineOpening
Blackwood Fruit StoresChest/Herb/MineOpening
Blackwood Grain StoresChest/Herb/MineOpening
Blackwood Nut StoresChest/Herb/MineOpening
Bleeding Hollow Supply CrateChest/Herb/MineOpening
BlindweedChest/Herb/MineHerb Gathering
Blood MushroomChest/Herb/MineOpening
Blood of HeroesOpening
Blood of HeroesChest/Herb/MineOpening
Bloodberry BushChest/Herb/MineOpening
Bloodmaul Brew KegChest/Herb/MineOpening
Bloodpetal SproutChest/Herb/MineOpening
Bloodsail ChartsChest/Herb/MineOpening
Bloodsail OrdersChest/Herb/MineOpening
Bloodstone Signal FireOpening
BloodthistleChest/Herb/MineHerb Gathering
Blue Power CrystalChest/Herb/MineOpening
Bolt Charged BrambleChest/Herb/MineOpening
Bottle of DiseaseChest/Herb/MineOpening
Bound Adamantite ChestChest/Herb/MineOpening
Box of Assorted PartsChest/Herb/MineOpening
Box of IncendiariesChest/Herb/MineOpening
Box of MushroomsChest/Herb/MineOpening
Box of Surveying EquipmentChest/Herb/MineOpening
Breads and GrainsSignpostDisenchant
BriarthornChest/Herb/MineHerb Gathering
Showing 1 to 50 out of 58 results 1 2
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