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Name Type Profession
Cabal ChestChest/Herb/MineOpening
Cache of ExplosivesOpening
Cache of the LegionChest/Herb/MineOpening
Cactus AppleChest/Herb/MineOpening
Calcified Elven GemChest/Herb/MineOpening
Cannonball StackChest/Herb/MineOpening
Cantation of ManifestationChest/Herb/MineOpening
Captain Kelisendra's CargoChest/Herb/MineOpening
Captain's FootlockerChest/Herb/MineOpening
Captain's FootlockerQuest ItemOpening
Carefully Wrapped PresentQuest ItemOpening
Carved Stone UrnChest/Herb/MineOpening
Case of Orcish GrogChest/Herb/MineOpening
Cat FigurineChest/Herb/MineOpening
Chalice of EluneChest/Herb/MineOpening
Chalice of EluneOpening
Charred Bone FragmentChest/Herb/MineOpening
Chen's Empty KegChest/Herb/MineOpening
Chest of Containment CoffersChest/Herb/MineOpening
Chest of NestingChest/Herb/MineOpening
Chest of the Black FeatherChest/Herb/MineOpening
Chest of the Raven ClawChest/Herb/MineOpening
Chest of the SkyChest/Herb/MineOpening
Circle of ImprisonmentOpening
Clara's Fresh ApplesChest/Herb/MineOpening
Clopper's EquipmentChest/Herb/MineOpening
Coilskar ChestChest/Herb/MineOpening
Coldtooth SuppliesChest/Herb/MineOpening
Collection of SoulsChest/Herb/MineOpening
Compendium of the FallenChest/Herb/MineOpening
Conspicuous UrnChest/Herb/MineOpening
Control ConsoleQuest ItemOpening
Copper VeinChest/Herb/MineMining
Copper VeinChest/Herb/MineOpening
Corpse Laden BoatQuest ItemOpening
Corrupted CrystalChest/Herb/MineOpening
Corrupted FlowerChest/Herb/MineOpening
Cortello's RiddleChest/Herb/MineOpening
Cozzle's FootlockerChest/Herb/MineOpening
Crate of EluniteChest/Herb/MineOpening
Crate of FoodstuffsChest/Herb/MineOpening
Crate with HolesChest/Herb/MineOpening
Crossroads' Supply CratesChest/Herb/MineOpening
Cursed EggOpening
Showing 49 out of 49 results

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