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Name Type Profession
FadeleafChest/Herb/MineHerb Gathering
Fall of GurubashiChest/Herb/MineOpening
Fathom StoneChest/Herb/MineOpening
Feast BoarChest/Herb/MineOpening
Feast FishChest/Herb/MineOpening
Feast FruitChest/Herb/MineOpening
Feast GobletChest/Herb/MineOpening
Fei Fei's CacheChest/Herb/MineOpening
Fel ConeChest/Herb/MineOpening
Fel Cone FungusChest/Herb/MineOpening
Fel Iron ChestChest/Herb/MineOpening
Fel Iron DepositChest/Herb/MineMining
Fel Orc PlansQuest ItemOpening
Fel Reaver Armor PlatingChest/Herb/MineOpening
Fel Reaver PartChest/Herb/MineOpening
Fel Reaver Power CoreChest/Herb/MineOpening
Felhound PooChest/Herb/MineOpening
Felix's BoxChest/Herb/MineOpening
Felix's Bucket of BoltsChest/Herb/MineOpening
Felix's ChestChest/Herb/MineOpening
Felsteel ChestChest/Herb/MineOpening
FelweedChest/Herb/MineHerb Gathering
Fengus's ChestChest/Herb/MineOpening
Feralfen IdolChest/Herb/MineOpening
Festive GiftQuest ItemOpening
Festive MugChest/Herb/MineOpening
Filled Containment CofferChest/Herb/MineOpening
FirebloomChest/Herb/MineHerb Gathering
First Witherbark CageOpening
Fissure PlantChest/Herb/MineOpening
Flagongut's FossilChest/Herb/MineOpening
Flame CapChest/Herb/MineHerb Gathering
Flame of ByltanChest/Herb/MineOpening
Flame of ImbelChest/Herb/MineOpening
Flame of LahassaChest/Herb/MineOpening
Flame of SamhaChest/Herb/MineOpening
Food CrateChest/Herb/MineOpening
Fourth Mosh'aru TabletChest/Herb/MineOpening
Fragile - Do Not DropChest/Herb/MineOpening
Freezing TrapHerb Gathering
Fresh Threshadon CarcassChest/Herb/MineOpening
Frostmaul ShardsChest/Herb/MineOpening
Frostwhisper's Embalming FluidChest/Herb/MineOpening
Fulgor SporeChest/Herb/MineOpening
Full JugChest/Herb/MineOpening
Furlbrow's WardrobeChest/Herb/MineOpening
Showing 47 out of 47 results

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