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Name Type Profession
Gaea SeedChest/Herb/MineOpening
Gaily Wrapped PresentQuest ItemOpening
Galaen's JournalQuest ItemDisenchant
Garrett Family ChestChest/Herb/MineOpening
Gatekeeper's HoldChest/Herb/MineOpening
General Twinbraid's StrongboxChest/Herb/MineOpening
Gently Shaken GiftQuest ItemOpening
Ghost MushroomChest/Herb/MineHerb Gathering
Giant ClamChest/Herb/MineOpening
Giant ClamOpening
Giant Softshell ClamChest/Herb/MineOpening
Gizmorium Shipping CrateChest/Herb/MineOpening
Glinting MudChest/Herb/MineOpening
Glistening MudChest/Herb/MineOpening
Gloom WeedChest/Herb/MineOpening
Glowing CrystalChest/Herb/MineOpening
Gnomish ToolboxChest/Herb/MineOpening
Goblin Smelting PotFire/Forge/AnvilOpening
Gold VeinChest/Herb/MineMining
Golden SansamChest/Herb/MineHerb Gathering
GoldthornChest/Herb/MineHerb Gathering
Goodsteel LedgerChest/Herb/MineOpening
Gorishi Silithid CrystalFire/Forge/AnvilMining
Grave MossChest/Herb/MineHerb Gathering
Green Power CrystalChest/Herb/MineOpening
Gri'lek the WandererChest/Herb/MineOpening
Grishnath OrbSignpostOpening
Grishnath OrbChest/Herb/MineOpening
GromsbloodChest/Herb/MineHerb Gathering
Grulloc's Dragon SkullChest/Herb/MineOpening
Grulloc's SackChest/Herb/MineOpening
Gryphon EggChest/Herb/MineOpening
Guild VaultDisenchant
Gunther's BooksChest/Herb/MineOpening
Showing 36 out of 36 results

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