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Quest Guide Level Area Type
B'naar Console TranscriptionNo68Netherstorm
Back to BillyYes6Elwynn Forest
Back to Booty BayNo43Thousand Needles
Back to the Chief!No69Netherstorm
Back to the OrphanageNo70Special
Back to UldamanNo42Uldaman
Bad MedicineYes34Stranglethorn Vale
Badlands Reagent RunNo39Badlands
Badlands Reagent RunNo39Loch Modan
Badlands Reagent Run IINo44Loch Modan
Bailor's Ore ShipmentNo22Paladin
Balance Must Be PreservedNo64Zangarmarsh
Band of Unending LifeNo60Ahn'Qiraj
Band of Vaulted SecretsNo60Ahn'Qiraj
Band of Veiled ShadowsNo60Ahn'Qiraj
Bandages for the FieldNo60Silithus
Bandages for the FieldNo60Silithus
Bandits!Yes7Azuremyst Isle
Banish More DemonsNo70Blade's Edge Mountains
Banish the DemonsNo70Blade's Edge Mountains
Banner of the StonemaulNo39Dustwallow Marsh
Barbecued Buzzard WingsNo40Badlands
Bark for T'chali's Voodoo Brewery!No70Brewfest
Bark for the Barleybrews!No70Brewfest
Baron AquanisNo30Ashenvale
Baron SablemaneNo67Blade's Edge Mountains
Baron Sablemane Has Requested Your PresenceNo67Blade's Edge Mountains
Baron Sablemane's PoisonNo67Blade's Edge Mountains
Baron's DemiseNo40Alterac Mountains
Barov Family FortuneNo60Scholomance
Barov Family FortuneNo60Scholomance
Bartleby's MugNo-1Warrior
Bartolo's Yeti Fur CloakNo34Hillsbrad Foothills
Bathran's HairNo20Ashenvale
Battle of HillsbradYes24Hillsbrad Foothills
Battle of HillsbradNo25Hillsbrad Foothills
Battle of HillsbradNo26Hillsbrad Foothills
Battle of HillsbradNo26Hillsbrad Foothills
Battle of HillsbradNo28Hillsbrad Foothills
Battle of HillsbradNo30Hillsbrad Foothills
Battle of HillsbradNo32Hillsbrad Foothills
Battle of the Crimson WatchNo70Shadowmoon Valley
Battle of the GulchNo49Warsong Gulch
Battle of the GulchNo29Warsong Gulch
Battle of the GulchNo39Warsong Gulch
Battle of Warsong GulchNo60Warsong Gulch
Showing 1 to 50 out of 225 results 1 2 3 4 5
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