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Quest Guide Level Area Type
Gadgetzan Water SurveyYes46Tanaris
Gaffer JacksNo12Fishing
Gahrron's Withering CauldronNo58Western Plaguelands
Gaining AcceptanceNo60Searing Gorge
Gaining AccessNo69Shadowmoon Valley
Gaining AccessNo69Shadowmoon Valley
Gaining Mirren's TrustNo62Hellfire Peninsula
Gaining the AdvantageNo70Shattrath City
Galaen's FateNo18Bloodmyst Isle
Galaen's Journal - The Fate of Vindicator SaruanNo18Bloodmyst Isle
Galen's EscapeNo38Swamp of Sorrows
Galgar's Cactus Apple SurpriseYes3Valley of Trials
Gammerita, Mon!No48The Hinterlands
Gan'rul's SummonsNo10Warlock
Gann's ReclamationYes23The Barrens
Garments of DarknessNo4Priest
Garments of the LightYes4Priest
Garments of the MoonNo4Priest
Garona: A Study on Stealth and TreacheryNo60Dire Maul
Gateway to the FrontierNo60Special
Gather Rot BlossomsNo24Duskwood
Gather the OrbsNo67Blade's Edge Mountains
Gathering IdolsYes18Loch Modan
Gathering LeatherYes8Thunder Bluff
Gathering MaterialsNo15Mage
Gathering MaterialsNo15Mage
Gathering the CureYes14Druid
Gathering the CureNo14Druid
Gathering the ReagentsNo62Zangarmarsh
Gauging the Resonant FrequencyNo67Blade's Edge Mountains
Gavel of Infinite WisdomNo60Ahn'Qiraj
Gearing RedridgeYes16Blacksmithing
Gelkis AllianceYes33Desolace
General Drakkisath's CommandNo60Blackrock Spire
General Drakkisath's DemiseNo60Blackrock Spire
Gerenzo WrenchwhistleYes27Stonetalon Mountains
Gerenzo's OrdersNo22Stonetalon Mountains
Gerenzo's OrdersNo22Stonetalon Mountains
Get Me Out of Here!No39Desolace
Get the Gnomes DrunkNo44Thousand Needles
Get the Goblins DrunkNo44Thousand Needles
Get the ScoopNo30Mage
Getting Down to BusinessNo70Netherstorm
Getting the Bladespire TankedNo66Blade's Edge Mountains
Ghost Hair ThreadNo24Duskwood
Ghost-o-plasm Round UpNo39Desolace
Ghoulish EffigyNo27Duskwood
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