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Quest Guide Level Area Type
Lack of SurplusNo40Swamp of Sorrows
Lack of SurplusNo42Swamp of Sorrows
Lakota'maniYes22The Barrens
Land Ho!No35Arathi Highlands
Lard Lost His LunchNo49The Hinterlands
Larion and MuiginNo52Un'Goro Crater
Laughing SistersNo26Mage
Laying Waste to the UnwantedYes61Hellfire Peninsula
Lazy PeonsYes4Valley of Trials
Leader of the BloodscaleNo63Zangarmarsh
Leader of the DarkcrestNo64Zangarmarsh
Leaders of the FangYes22Wailing Caverns
Learning from the CrystalsNo11Bloodmyst Isle
Learning the LanguageYes8Azuremyst Isle
Learning to FlyNo70Shadowmoon Valley
Learning to FlyNo70Shadowmoon Valley
Ledger from TanarisNo46Searing Gorge
Legendary HeroesNo60Alterac Valley
Legends of MaraudonNo49Maraudon
Leggings of FaithNo60Naxxramas
Legplates of the Chromatic DefierNo60Western Plaguelands
Lessons AnewNo14Druid
Lethtendris's WebNo57Dire Maul
Lethtendris's WebNo57Dire Maul
Letter from the FrontNo60Invasion
Letter to Jin'ZilNo20The Barrens
Letter to StormpikeNo34Alterac Mountains
Letting Earthbinder Tavgren KnowNo63Terokkar Forest
Letting Earthbinder Tavgren KnowNo63Terokkar Forest
Levixus the Soul CallerNo67Auchindoun
Libram of ConstitutionNo55Burning Steppes
Libram of FocusNo60Dire Maul
Libram of ProtectionNo60Dire Maul
Libram of VoracityNo55Burning Steppes
Lieutenant Paval ReetheNo40Dustwallow Marsh
Lieutenant Paval ReetheNo40Dustwallow Marsh
Life's Finer PleasuresNo62Hellfire Peninsula
Lifting the CurseNo30Wetlands
Light's Hope ChapelNo60Invasion
Lightforge IronNo29Duskwood
Limits of Physical ExhaustionNo18Bloodmyst Isle
Lines of CommunicationNo47Undercity
Lines of CommunicationNo64Zangarmarsh
Linken's AdventureNo54Un'Goro Crater
Linken's MemoryNo54Un'Goro Crater
Linken's SwordNo52Un'Goro Crater
Liquid StoneNo37Badlands
Little EmbersNo67Blade's Edge Mountains
Little MorselsNo38Swamp of Sorrows
Little PamelaNo55Eastern Plaguelands
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