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Quest Guide Level Area Type
Observing the SporelingsNo63Zangarmarsh
Obsidian WarbeadsNo67Nagrand
Oculus IllusionsNo60Blackrock Spire
Of Coursers We KnowNo52Priest
Of Forgotten MemoriesNo57Eastern Plaguelands
Of Lost HonorNo58Eastern Plaguelands
Of Love and FamilyNo60Stratholme
Of Love and FamilyNo58Eastern Plaguelands
Of Thistleheads and Eggs...No70Shadowmoon Valley
Off To Area 52No68Netherstorm
Ogre Head On A Stick = PartyNo53Burning Steppes
Ogre HeavenNo70Blade's Edge Mountains
Ogre ThievesNo30Duskwood
Oh Brother. . .No20The Deadmines
Oh, It's On!No65The Underbog
Oh, It's RealNo37Dustwallow Marsh
Oh, the Tangled Webs They WeaveNo18Bloodmyst Isle
Old HillsbradNo68Caverns of Time
Old Whitebark's PendantNo10Eversong Woods
Olemba Seed OilNo63Terokkar Forest
Olemba SeedsNo63Terokkar Forest
On Guard in StonetalonYes21Ashenvale
On Guard in StonetalonYes21Ashenvale
On Nethery WingsNo70Netherstorm
On Spirit's WingsNo67Blade's Edge Mountains
On the Wings of a HippogryphNo10Bloodmyst Isle
Once Were WarriorsNo67Nagrand
One Demon's Trash...No69Netherstorm
One Draenei's Junk...No55Blasted Lands
One Shot. One Kill.No15Darkshore
Only One May RiseNo60Blackwing Lair
Onu is meditatingNo1Darkshore
Onward to AshenvaleNo20Ashenvale
Oooh, Shinies!No70Zul'Aman
Open for BusinessNo70
Operation RecombobulationNo10Dun Morogh
Operative BijouNo59Blackrock Spire
Oran's GratitudeNo47The Hinterlands
OrdanusNo29Stonetalon Mountains
Order Must Be RestoredNo60Eastern Plaguelands
Orders from Lady VashjNo70The Steamvault
Orendil's CureNo20Ashenvale
Orm Stonehoof and the Brutal HelmNo30Warrior
Ormer's RevengeYes24Wetlands
Ormer's RevengeYes27Wetlands
Ormer's RevengeYes29Wetlands
Oronok Torn-heartNo70Shadowmoon Valley
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