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Quest Guide Level Area Type
Ula'elek and the Brutal GauntletsNo30Warrior
Ulag the CleaverYes10Warrior
Ulathek the TraitorNo-1Warlock
Uldaman Reagent RunNo42Uldaman
Uldaman Reagent RunNo42Uldaman
Umber, ArchivistNo57Silithus
Umbrafen Eel FiletsNo62Zangarmarsh
Un'Goro SoilNo50Thunder Bluff
Un'Goro SoilNo50Darnassus
Un-Life's Little AnnoyancesNo58Eastern Plaguelands
Uncatalogued SpeciesNo63Zangarmarsh
Unclaimed BaggageNo40Badlands
Uncle CarlinNo56Eastern Plaguelands
Uncovering Past SecretsNo57Moonglade
Uncovering the PastYes28Wetlands
Undamaged Venom SacNo45The Hinterlands
Under the Chitin Was...No57Moonglade
Under the ShadowNo60Invasion
Underbelly ScalesYes18Redridge Mountains
Undercutting the CompetitionNo66Mana-Tombs
Underground AssaultNo20The Deadmines
Underlight Ore SamplesNo14Ghostlands
Understanding the Mok'NathalNo67Blade's Edge Mountains
Underworld LoamNo70Shadowmoon Valley
Unexpected ResultsNo9Eversong Woods
Unfinished BusinessNo56Western Plaguelands
Unfinished BusinessNo58Western Plaguelands
Unfinished BusinessNo62Zangarmarsh
Unfinished BusinessNo57Western Plaguelands
Unfinished Gordok BusinessNo60Dire Maul
Unfinished Gordok BusinessNo60Dire Maul
Unfortunate MeasuresYes3Sunstrider Isle
Uniting the Shattered AmuletNo60Blasted Lands
Unleash the RaptorsNo37Dustwallow Marsh
Unlocking the CompendiumNo69Netherstorm
Unraveling the MysteryNo60Silithus
Unruly NeighborsNo63Terokkar Forest
Unstable Mana CrystalsYes5Eversong Woods
Until Death Do Us PartYes15Thunder Bluff
Unyielding SoulsNo61Hellfire Peninsula
Up to SnuffNo41Stranglethorn Vale
Update for Sentinel ThenysilNo22Stonetalon Mountains
Ur's Treatise on Shadow MagicNo28Mage
Urgent DeliveryNo18Bloodmyst Isle
Urgent Delivery!Yes2Ammen Vale
Urok DoomhowlNo60Blackrock Spire
Ursal the MaulerYes12Teldrassil
Ursangous's PawYes24Ashenvale
Ursius of the ShardtoothNo56Winterspring
Us or ThemNo64Zangarmarsh
Showing 1 to 50 out of 50 results

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