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Quests in "The Barrens"
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Quest Guide Level Area Type
A Bundle of HidesYes10The Barrens
A New Ore SampleYes29The Barrens
Agamaggan's AgilityYes20The Barrens
Agamaggan's StrengthYes20The Barrens
Altered BeingsYes16The Barrens
Apothecary ZamahYes15The Barrens
Betrayal from WithinYes25The Barrens
Betrayal from WithinYes25The Barrens
Blood Shards of AgamagganYes21The Barrens
Centaur BracersYes14The Barrens
Chen's Empty KegYes15The Barrens
Chen's Empty KegYes15The Barrens
Chen's Empty KegYes24The Barrens
Consumed by HatredYes20The Barrens
Counterattack!Yes20The Barrens
Cry of the ThunderhawkYes20The Barrens
Deepmoss Spider EggsYes20The Barrens
Disrupt the AttacksYes12The Barrens
Doras the Wind Rider MasterYes10The Barrens
EcheyakeeYes16The Barrens
Egg HuntYes22The Barrens
Enraged Thunder LizardsYes18The Barrens
Free From the HoldYes20The Barrens
Fungal SporesYes15The Barrens
Gann's ReclamationYes23The Barrens
Harpy LieutenantsYes16The Barrens
Harpy RaidersYes15The Barrens
Hezrul BloodmarkYes19The Barrens
Horde PresenceNo29The Barrens
IgnitionYes18The Barrens
In NightmaresNo25The Barrens
Isha AwakYes27The Barrens
IshamuhaleYes19The Barrens
Jorn SkyseerYes18The Barrens
Kolkar LeadersYes16The Barrens
Lakota'maniYes22The Barrens
Letter to Jin'ZilNo20The Barrens
Lost in BattleYes20The Barrens
Mahren SkyseerYes27The Barrens
Meats to OrgrimmarYes10The Barrens
Miner's FortuneYes18The Barrens
Mura RunetotemYes15The Barrens
Nugget SlugsYes15The Barrens
OwatankaYes24The Barrens
Plainstrider MenaceYes12The Barrens
Prowlers of the BarrensYes15The Barrens
Raptor HornsYes18The Barrens
Raptor ThievesYes13The Barrens
RazorhideYes20The Barrens
Report to KadrakYes19The Barrens
Showing 1 to 50 out of 95 results 1 2
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