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Quests in "The Hinterlands"
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Quest Guide Level Area Type
A Gesture of GoodwillNo46The Hinterlands
A Sticky SituationNo48The Hinterlands
Another Message to the WildhammerNo48The Hinterlands
Avenging the FallenNo48The Hinterlands
Cannibalistic CousinsNo48The Hinterlands
Consult Master GadrinNo45The Hinterlands
Dark VesselsNo50The Hinterlands
Featherbeard's EndorsementNo46The Hinterlands
Find OOX-09/HL!No48The Hinterlands
Gammerita, Mon!No48The Hinterlands
Grim MessageNo42The Hinterlands
Gryphon Master TalonaxeNo43The Hinterlands
Hunt the SavagesNo48The Hinterlands
In Pursuit of FeatherbeardNo46The Hinterlands
Job Opening: Guard Captain of Revantusk VillageNo51The Hinterlands
Kidnapped Elder Torntusk!No51The Hinterlands
Lard Lost His LunchNo49The Hinterlands
Message to the WildhammerNo48The Hinterlands
Oran's GratitudeNo47The Hinterlands
Preying on the PredatorsNo44The Hinterlands
Reclaiming the EggsNo46The Hinterlands
Recover the Key!No51The Hinterlands
Rescue OOX-09/HL!No48The Hinterlands
Return to Fel'ZerulNo44The Hinterlands
Return to Primal TorntuskNo51The Hinterlands
Return to the HinterlandsNo47The Hinterlands
Rhapsody ShindiggerNo43The Hinterlands
Rhapsody's Kalimdor KocktailNo43The Hinterlands
Rhapsody's TaleNo43The Hinterlands
Rin'ji is Trapped!No47The Hinterlands
Rin'ji's SecretNo47The Hinterlands
Saving SharpbeakNo51The Hinterlands
Separation AnxietyNo50The Hinterlands
Skulk Rock Clean-upNo48The Hinterlands
Snapjaws, Mon!No50The Hinterlands
Stalking the StalkersNo48The Hinterlands
Summoning ShadraNo55The Hinterlands
Thadius GrimshadeNo47The Hinterlands
The Altar of ZulNo48The Hinterlands
The Ancient EggNo50The Hinterlands
The DivinationNo47The Hinterlands
The Final Message to the WildhammerNo50The Hinterlands
Troll Necklace BountyNo45The Hinterlands
Troll Necklace BountyNo45The Hinterlands
Undamaged Venom SacNo45The Hinterlands
Venom BottlesNo43The Hinterlands
Venom to the UndercityNo55The Hinterlands
Vilebranch HooligansNo48The Hinterlands
Wanted: Vile Priestess Hexx and Her MinionsNo51The Hinterlands
Witherbark CagesNo45The Hinterlands
Showing 1 to 50 out of 50 results

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