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Quest Guide Level Area Type
Agamand HeirloomsNo11Warrior
Bartleby's MugNo-1Warrior
Beat BartlebyNo-1Warrior
Brutal ArmorNo30Warrior
Brutal HauberkNo30Warrior
Chimaeric HornNo30Warrior
Dead-tooth JackNo10Warrior
Essence of the ExileNo37Warrior
Fire Hardened MailYes28Warrior
Forged SteelNo10Warrior
Grey Iron WeaponsYes10Warrior
Heirloom WeaponNo11Warrior
Iron CoralNo29Warrior
Ironband's CompoundYes11Warrior
Klockmort's CreationNo30Warrior
Marshal HaggardNo10Warrior
Muren StormpikeNo10Warrior
Orm Stonehoof and the Brutal HelmNo30Warrior
Path of DefenseNo10Warrior
Simple NoteNo1Warrior
Simple ParchmentNo1Warrior
Simple RuneNo1Warrior
Simple ScrollNo1Warrior
Simple SigilNo1Warrior
Simple TabletNo1Warrior
Smith MathielNo10Warrior
Speak with RugaNo20Warrior
Speak with Thun'grimNo20Warrior
The AffrayNo-1Warrior
The IslanderNo-1Warrior
The Rethban GauntletYes22Warrior
The Shade of EluraYes10Warrior
The ShieldsmithYes22Warrior
The SummoningNo40Warrior
The WindwatcherNo30Warrior
Thun'grim FiregazeNo10Warrior
Tormus DeepforgeYes11Warrior
Trial at the Field of GiantsNo20Warrior
Ula'elek and the Brutal GauntletsNo30Warrior
Ulag the CleaverYes10Warrior
Velora Nitely and the Brutal LegguardsNo30Warrior
Veteran UzzekYes10Warrior
Voodoo FeathersNo52Warrior
War on the ShadowswornNo52Warrior
Warrior KinshipYes52Warrior
Warrior TrainingNo2Warrior
Weapons of EluniteNo10Warrior
Whirlwind WeaponNo40Warrior
Showing 1 to 50 out of 52 results 1 2
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