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Quest Guide Level Area Type
A Spirit Ally?No64Zangarmarsh
A Spirit GuideNo62Hellfire Peninsula
A Sticky SituationNo48The Hinterlands
A Strange HistorianNo56Eastern Plaguelands
A Strange OneNo54Winterspring
A Strange Red KeyNo55Felwood
A Strange RequestNo45Feralas
A Strange WeaponNo62Hellfire Peninsula
A Study in PowerNo12Paladin
A Supernatural DeviceNo60Tanaris
A Supernatural DeviceNo60Tanaris
A Swift MessageYes10Westfall
A Tale of SorrowNo57Blasted Lands
A Task UnfinishedYes5Red Cloud Mesa
A Taste of FlameNo54Burning Steppes
A Taste of FlameNo58Blackrock Depths
A Taste of FlameNo54Burning Steppes
A Terrible PurposeNo60Silithus
A Thousand WorldsNo70Netherstorm
A Threat in FeralasNo43Orgrimmar
A Threat WithinYes1Northshire Valley
A Ticking PresentNo-1Seasonal
A Time for Negotiation...No67Blade's Edge Mountains
A Traitor Among UsNo62Hellfire Peninsula
A Trip to the Dark PortalNo70Special
A Troll Among TrollsNo70Zul'Aman
A Troubling BreezeYes6Teldrassil
A Vengeful FateNo34Razorfen Kraul
A Visit to GreganNo52Un'Goro Crater
A Visit With The AncestorsNo68Nagrand
A Visit With the GreatmotherNo68Nagrand
A Warden of the AllianceNo60Special
A Warden of the HordeNo60Special
A Warm WelcomeNo64Zangarmarsh
A WarningNo60Priest
A Watchful EyeNo21Redridge Mountains
A Winter Veil GiftNo-1Seasonal
A Yeti of Your OwnNo60Winterspring
A'dalNo65Terokkar Forest
Abandoned HopeNo54Blackrock Depths
Abandoned InvestigationsNo10Eversong Woods
Abjurist BelmaraNo69Netherstorm
Above and BeyondNo60Stratholme
Abyssal ContactsNo60Silithus
Abyssal CrestsNo60Silithus
Accepting All EggsNo70Shadowmoon Valley
Additional MaterialsNo69Shadowmoon Valley
Additional RuneclothNo60Orgrimmar
Additional RuneclothNo60Thunder Bluff
Additional RuneclothNo60Undercity
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