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Alchemy allows you to craft potions, elixirs and on higher levels transmute metals and elements into other forms. Potions and elixirs are consumable which means as an Alchemist you will never run out of business, and there is an option here to earn decent money by selling your products to others. The downside is of course if you craft for your own use that you must continuously acquire herbs to make new potions as you use them up.

TIP: Alchemy is a good way to earn money from crafting, it’s fairly easy to train and you never run out of business.


Alchemy goes well with Herbalism which allows you to gather the herbs you need for most of your Alchemy recipes. A few recipes require ingredients gained from Fishing, so if you decide to become an Alchemist it might be worth considering this. All classes can benefit from Alchemy although a non-healer melee class like the warrior is perhaps most likely to need potions for buffs and healing.

As you reach beyond level 225 in Alchemy you will see that protection potions like Nature and Fire Protection Potions are highly sought by raids and that your transmutation skills (requires a Philosopher’s Stone) become very useful for crafting Arcanite Bars and changing materials for high end crafting such as Elemental Earth and Elemental Fire.

Note that although the Philosopher’s Stone will become available as a trained recipe you must work hard to get to the other transmutation recipes by gaining reputation with various factions. Many of the high end potion recipes from level 275 and up are also dropped from monsters around the world and cannot be purchased from your trainer.

Alliance Alchemy Trainers


Where Trainer
Journeyman (1-75)
Azurewatch Daedal
Darnassus Milla Fairancora
Dolanaar Cyndra Kindwhisper
Elwynn Forest Mallory
Ironforge Vosur Brakthel
Loch Modan Ghak Healtouch
Stormwind Tel'Athir
The Exodar Deriz
Expert (75-150)
Ashenvale Kylanna
Darnassus Sylvanna Forestmoon
Ironforge Tally Berryfizz
Strangleton Vale Jaxin Chong
The Exodar Lucc
Theramore Alchemist Narett
Artisan (150-225)
Darnassus Ainethil
Master (225-300)
Feathermoon Kylanna Windwhisper
Grandmaster (300-375)
Hellfire Peninsula Alchemist Gribble
Shattrath City Lorokeem


Horde Alchemy Trainers


Where Trainer
Journeyman (1-75)
Eversong Woods Arcanist Sheynathren
Orgrimmar Whuut
Sen’Jin Miao’zan
Silvermoon Razia
Thunderbluff Kray
Tirisfal Glades Carolai Anise
Undercity Doctor Martin Felben
Expert (75-150)
Orgrimmar Yelmak
Silvermoon Camberon
Strangleton Vale Jaxin Chong
Tarren Mill Serge Hinott
Thunderbluff Bena Winterhoof
Undercity Doctor Marsh
Artisan (150-225)
Undercity Doctor Herbert Halsey
Master (225-300)
Stonard Rogvar
Grandmaster (300-375)
Thrallmar Apothecary Antonivich
Shattrath City Lorokeem


Alchemy TBC
Once you get past level 340-350 in Alchemy and the trainer based recipes begin to thin out you become extremely reliable on the recipes you can acquire through reputation with various Outland Factions. I know many of you think it’s if not impossible, then at least a serious grind effort to get to level 375, and frankly I tend to agree. Most recipes from 350 and up require rare ingredients that are hard and expensive to come by, but if you put some effort into faction reputation it’s doable. Despite the toilsome work required for most other professions, Alchemy is perhaps one of the easiest skills to max out. This is because a majority of the potions and elixirs you can make still require herbs that can be found throughout Outlands. You will also find, that once you learn the Recipe: Primal Might you can lend out your expertise to other players and gain many levels without having to buy the ingredients yourself. As an Alchemist you would probably want to focus on your reputation with Cenarion Expedition since they offer the most recipes. The remaining factions only offer 1 or 2 recipes each, so if you want to be able to make many different potions, go for it, but keep in mind, it’s a lot of work. Below you can see the faction-based recipes for Alchemy.

300 Lower City – Exalted Recipe: Flask of Chromatic Resistance
300 Keepers of Time – Exalted Recipe: Flask of Supreme Power
300 Sha’tar – Exalted Recipe: Flask of the Titans
300 Cenarion Expedition – Exalted Recipe: Flask of Distilled Wisdom
320 Cenarion Expedition – Honored Recipe: Earthen Elixir
330 Honor Hold/Thrallmar – Honored Recipe: Elixir of Agility
335 Sporeggar – Exalted Recipe: Shrouding Potion
345 Scryer – Revered Recipe: Elixir of Major Firepower
350 Honor Hold/Thrallmar – Honored Recipe: Transmute Skyfire Diamond
350 Kurenai/Mag’har – Revered Recipe: Transmute Primal Fire to Earth
350 Lower City – Revered Recipe: Elixir of Major Shadow Power
350 Sha’tar – Revered Recipe: Transmute Primal Air to Fire
350 Sha’tar – Revered Recipe: Alchemist's Stone
350 Cenarion Expedition – Honored Recipe: Transmute Earthstorm Diamond
350 Cenarion Expedition – Revered Recipe: Transmute Primal Water to Air
350 Sporeggar – Revered Recipe: Transmute Primal Earth to Water
360 Cenarion Expedition – Exalted Recipe: Major Nature Protection Potion
375 The Violet Eye – Honored Recipe: Flask of Chromatic Wonder

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