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Profession guide by: Aegir
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Cooking is a secondary profession which means you can train it regardless of what other professions you’ve picked. Not surprisingly Cooking enables you to make your own food and to a class without healing it is a very useful way of decreasing your downtime between battles. Higher level food has an extra advantage besides healing up your health, if you sit long enough to become Well Fed, you will gain a short buff to one of your stats. Cooking requires two types of materials. First of all meat or fish which you loot from beasts in the game or gain from Fishing. Secondly you need spices of different kind that can be purchased from Cooking Vendors in most cities.

TIP: Cooking is a great help for non-healing classes to reduce your downtime between battles. As a cook, make sure to save every piece of meat you find on mobs, most of it can be cooked into something tasty!

To learn Cooking, speak to any Cooking Trainer in a city. Each one has the potential to train you all the way to skill level 150. Here is a list of trainers.

Alliance Cooking Trainers


Where Trainer
Journeyman & Expert (1-150)
Azuremyst Isle "Cookie" McWeaksauce
Darnassus Alegorn
Dolanaar Zarrin
Dun Morogh Ghilm
Elwynn Forest Tomas
Kharanos Gremlock Pilsnor
Ironforge Daryl Riknussun
Lakeshire Crystal Boughman
Shadowmoon Valley Celie Steelwing
Shattrath City Jack Trapper
Stormwind Kendor Kabonka
Stormwind Stephen Ryback
The Exodar Mumman


Horde Cooking Trainers


Where Trainer
Journeyman & Expert (1-150)
Barrens Duhng
Bloodhoof Village Pyall Silentstride
Falconwing Square Quarelestra
Ghostlands Master Chef Mouldier
Orgrimmar Zamja
Shattrath City Jack Trapper
Silvermoon City Sylann
Stranglethorn Vale Mudduk
Thunderbluff Aska Mistrunner
Undercity Eunice Burch


To get past level 150 is a little more complicated as you will need to get your hands on an Expert Cookbook. You can buy this from either Shandrina in Silverwind Refuge in Ashenvale (Alliance) or from Wulan in Shadowprey Village in Desolace (Horde). The cost is 1 Gold unless you are Honored with either Darnassus or Darkspear Trolls. Make sure to pick up recipes on your way, many vendors sell them and you can also do many quests that reward you with a cooking recipe.

Cooking Quest requirements
For the Cooking quest you need to collect the following:

12 Giant Egg
10 Zesty Clam Meat
20 Alterac Swiss


For the final step of getting past level 225 you need to do a quest. To be eligible you must be level 35 and work your cooking skill up to level 225. Once you are ready, go see Dirge Quickcleave at the inn in Gadgetzan. He will give you a quest called Clamlette Surprise and when you complete it you become an Artisan Cook and can raise your skill up to level 300.

Giant Eggs are dropped from level 40+ birds in Tanaris and Badlands, but the easiest way to get them is to go to The Hinterlands and hunt Moonkin. The region is rich on them and the droprate is quite high. Zesty Clam Meat you find in Giant Clams dropped by all manner of sea creatures of level 40+. Examples to mention are the Nagas in Stranglethorn Vale and Azshara, the Monstrous Crawlers in Swamp of Sorrows and the Turtles in Tanaris, Dustwallow Marsh and The Hinterlands. Getting the Alterac Swiss is the easiest part, just find a cheese vendor. Alliance players can buy them at Trias Cheese in Stormwind and Horde players can buy them from the Innkeeper in Thunderbluff.

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