You can download and install our Software Package, which will collect your characters information, items they are wearing, their reputation, talent trees and professions. It also collects NPC locations and what items they might drop, if you manage to kill them. That data can only be collected by you, the players, and we need as much of it as possible to give a realistic view of drop percentages.

What will it do?
Our Software will simply install our AddOn by extracting it to your "World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\" directory. Every time you run it, it will also check for updates and keep the software plus our addon up-to-date.

What will YOU have to do?
Install our Software Package first. Then play like you always do. After playing, open our PeekUploader. Right click the icon in your system tray and press upload, enter your account username and password (the one from this website) and press Upload!

Thanks for helping out! Staff


Important: Remember to create an account or you wont be able to upload!

Requires atleast Java version 1.4. Get the latest Java Here.

  • 26/12 - remembering password per default (request). Optional.
  • 18/12 - fixed empty drops lua error (thanks to Storm for reporting)
  • 18/12 - added coin drops, we'll display average on Mobs soon.
  • 14/11 - fixed gathering skills

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