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Profession guide by: Aegir
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Engineering is all about gadgets, bombs, guns, mechanic pets and trinkets! Most engineering goods however, require that you have trained this profession in order to use them, so don’t expect to sell much here! Engineering is a nice all-round profession offering a vast array of gizmos all of which can be useful in many situations. At higher levels you can specialize in either Goblin Engineering or Gnomish Engineering.

TIP: Engineering is a versatile profession offering a huge amount of useful items. It does however require many different materials and lots of bagspace. Engineers seldom sell their products, but the wide utility of his craft makes this profession useful to most characters.

The uses of Engineering is almost endless, you can make Goggles (cloth armor) for the good looks and stat bonuses, guns, ammo, bombs, target dummies to draw the attention of enemies, scopes to increase ranged weapon damage and much much more. The drawback of Engineering is that it requires a seemingly endless amount of materials ranging from metals, powder (made from stone), gems, leather, cloth and soforth, making it a quite demanding profession to take. As most of the materials are related to metal, gems and stone Engineering goes well with Mining which allows you to provide most of what you need.

As with Blacksmithing you should aim to learn as many recipes as possible, increasing your reportoire with rare schematics you buy from vendors or find on mobs. The easiest way to raise your skill is to find the good grinding recipes that require few and common materials and then focus your attention on them. Compared to other professions Engineering requires a lot of bagspace as it includes hundres of small gizmos, gadgets and tools which you combine into inventions of many kinds, so rather than gathering up for few and more demanding pieces of armor or weapons you will typically end up spending most of your time working on small easy-to-make parts. The advantage of this is that Engineering has many grinding recipes that allow you to work fast using few materials for each skill point earned, however the drawback is that you often need to hang on to the parts you craft in order to make the larger items you want, and that basically means – save at least one bag in your inventory for engineering parts alone, because you will need them often!

Alliance Engineering Trainers


Where Trainer
Journeyman (1-75)
Auberdine Jenna Lemkenilli
Azuremyst Isle Artificer Daelo
Dun Morogh Bronk Guzzlegear
Ironforge Jemma Quikswitch
Loch Modan Deek Fizzlebizz
Stormwind Sprite Jumpsprocket
The Exodar Ghermas
Expert (75-150)
Duskwood Finbus Geargrind
Ironforge Trixie Quikswitch
Stormwind Lilliam Sparkspindle
The Exodar Ockil
Artisan (150-225)
Ironforge Springspindle Fizzlegear
Master (225-300)
Gadgetzan Buzzek Bracketswing
Master Gnome Engineers
Ironforge Tinkmaster Overspark
Stranglethorn Vale Oglethorpe Obnoticus
Master Goblin Engineers
Barrens Vazario Linkgrease
Tanaris Nixx Sprocketspring
Grandmaster (300-375)
Hellfire Peninsula Lebowski
Netherstorm Xyrol
Zangermarsh K. Lee Smallfry


Horde Engineering Trainers


Where Trainer
Journeyman (1-75)
Durotar Mukdrak
Orgrimmar Thund
Ratchet Tinkerwiz
Silvermoon City Gloresse
Undercity Graham Van Talen
Expert (75-150)
Orgrimmar Nogg
Silvermoon Danwe
Undercity Franklin Lloyd
Artisan (150-225)
Orgrimmar Roxxik
Master (225-300)
Gadgetzan Buzzek Bracketswing
Master Gnome Engineers
Gadgetzan Oglethorpe Obnoticus
Master Goblin Engineers
Barrens Vazario Linkgrease
Tanaris Nixx Sprocketspring
Grandmaster (300-375)
Netherstorm Xyrol
Thrallmar Zebig
Zangermarsh Mack Diver



Gnomish Engineering requirements
For the items you need the following materials:

18 Mithril Bar
2 Gold Bar
6 Iron Bar
6 Bronze Bar
8 Heavy Leather
2 Medium Leather
2 Wool Cloth
1 Jade
1 Citrine


Gnomish Engineering
To become a Gnomish Engineer luckily you don’t have to become a gnome too, however you must be level 35 and have Artisan Engineering. When you fill those criteria go speak to Oglethorpe Obnoticus in Booty Bay and he will give you a quest called The Pledge of Secrecy followed by one called Show Your Work. This one involves presenting 6 Mithril Tube, 1 Accurate Scope and 2 Advanced Target Dummy to the eager little fellow. Most of the items can be taught to you by your trainer, so it’s really no big deal getting the pieces together, all you need to do now is gather some materials and start crafting. The Schematic: Accurate Scope you can buy from either Mazk Snipeshot in Booty Bay or the Super-Seller 680 in Desolace. It’s on limited supply so you might have to try a few times before it becomes available.

So, now you’re a Gnomish Engineer, what’s next? Well where Goblin Engineering is mostly about things that go boom, the Gnome counterpart is mostly founded on beneficial devices such as trinkets and gadgets. Here is a few examples of what you can learn as a gnomish engineer: Gnomish Shrink Ray, Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt, Gnomish Battle Chicken, Gnomish Mind Control Cap and much more. Have fun!


Goblin Engineering requirements
The complete list of materials is:

20 Bronze Bar
30 Iron Bar
2 Silver Bar
40 Solid Stone
40 Heavy Stone
5 Medium Leather
20 Silk Cloth
20 Wool Cloth


Goblin Engineering
Compared to it’s cousin Goblin Engineering has more to do with explosives and destruction. To become a Goblin Engineer you must be level 35 and have Artisan Engineering. When you fill those criteria go speak to Nixx Sprocketspring in Gadgetzan and he will give you a quest called The Pledge of Secrecy followed by one called Show Your Work. Although the quest names may sounds similar you need to hand in different things to become a Goblin Engineer. To complete the quest, take 20 Big Iron Bomb, 20 Solid Dynamite and 5 Explosive Sheep to Nixx Sprocketspring.

Once you have gathered the stuff you are ready to become a Goblin Engineer. This type of engineering doesn’t differ much from its gnome cousin, but it does allow you to craft some special recipes more associated with explosives such as the Goblin Morta, Goblin Rocket Fuel Recipe, Goblin Rocket Boots, The Big One and the Goblin Dragon Gun.

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