First Aid
Profession guide by: Aegir
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First Aid enables you to make Bandages from cloth and heal yourself both in and out of combat. Make sure no enemy is hitting you while you bandage or you will get interrupted. To a class without healing this is a very useful way of decreasing your downtime between battles. When using a bandage you will receive a debuff called Recently Bandaged preventing you from using another bandage for a short while.

TIP: First Aid is a great help for non-healing classes to reduce your downtime between battles. Make sure to save all cloth you find because you will need lots of it to make bandages!

Many consider First Aid to be one of the most useful professions despite its relatively few recipies. You can learn two versions of each cloth type as for example Linen Bandage and Heavy Linen Bandage, and you can also learn to make Anti-Venom to remove poison effects. First Aid is a secondary profession which means you can train it regardless of what other professions you’ve picked. To learn First Aid, speak to any Physician or First Aid Trainer in a city. Each one has the potential to train you all the way to skill level 150. Here is a list of trainers.

Alliance First Aid Trainers


Where Trainer
Journeyman & Expert (1-150)
Azure Watch Anchorite Fateema
Bloodmyst Isle Anchorite Paetheus
Darnassus Dannelor
Dolanaar Byancie
Goldshire Michelle Belle
Ironforge Nissa Firestone
Stormwind Shaina Fuller
Terokkar Forest Anchorite Ensham
The Exodar Nus
Wetlands Fremal Doohickey


Horde First Aid Trainers


Where Trainer
Journeyman & Expert (1-150)
Blade´s Edge Mountains Fera Palerunner
Bloodhoof Village Vira Younghoof
Falconwing Square Kanaria
Orgrimmar Arnok
Razor Hill Rawrk
Silvermoon Alestus
Terokkar Forest Anchorite Ensham
Thunderbluff Pand Stonebinder
Tirisfal Glades Neela
Undercity Mary Edras


To get past level 150 you need to get your hands on a book called Expert First Aid. You can buy this from either Deneb Walker in Stromgarde Keep in Arathi Highlands (Alliance) or fromBalai Lok'Wein in Brackenwall Village in Dustwallow Marsh (Horde). The cost is 1 Gold unless you are Honored with either Stormwind or Orgrimmar. Both vendors also sell Manuel: Heavy Silk Bandage and Manual: Mageweave Bandage so make sure to pick those up as well for later use.

For the next step of getting past level 225 you need to do a quest. To be eligible you must be level 40 and work your first aid skill up to level 225. Once you are ready, go see Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen inside the castle in Theramore Isle, Dustwallow Marsh (Alliance) or Doctor Gregory Victor inside the barracks in Hammerfall, Arathi Highlands (Horde). Both will give you a quest called Triage and when you complete it you receive Artisan First Aid and can raise your skill up to level 300. From now on you can call yourself doctor!

Note: Heavy Mageweave Bandage is also taught by these two trainers! This is the ONLY way to learn the Heavy Mageweave Bandage skill! (requires lvl 240) You won't get to lvl 300 without it!

This goes for Runecloth Bandage (lvl 260) and Heavy Runecloth Bandage (lvl 290) aswell!
To achieve a skill beyond level 300 you must purchase a book called Master First Aid from either Burko in Temple of Telhamat (Alliance) or Aresella in Falcon Watch (Horde). Here you can also buy Manual: Netherweave Bandage and Manual: Heavy Netherweave Bandage.

Level requirements

Apprentice Level 1 (Trainer)
Journeyman Level 1 (Trainer)
Expert Level 1 (Trainer)
Artisan Level 40 (Quest)
Master Level 40+ (Book)

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