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Minor Healing Potion
Item Level: 5
 Stack size: 5
Requires Level: 1
Use: Restores 70 to 90 health.

Vendor sell:
This item can be crafted:
To be able to craft this item you need the following:
Peacebloom (1)
Silverleaf (1)
Empty Vial (1)

The following mobs drop this item:

Mob Level Area %
Duskwither Apprentice10Eversong Woods18.87%
Blackmoss the Fetid13Teldrassil16.67%
Aldaron the Reckless8Eversong Woods15.69%
Prospector Anvilward7Eversong Woods15.38%
Thurman Agamand10Tirisfal Glades14.29%
Dark Iron Spy9 - 10Dun Morogh10.71%
Captain Melrache12Tirisfal Glades10.00%
Old Icebeard11Dun Morogh10.00%
Burning Blade Cultist10 - 11Durotar9.09%
Fizzle Darkstorm12Durotar8.57%
Bloodfeather Matriarch11Teldrassil7.69%
Thaelis the Hungerer6Eversong Woods7.55%
Murgurgula11Azuremyst Isle7.14%
Captain Perrine9Tirisfal Glades6.90%
Bloodfeather Wind Witch9 - 10Teldrassil6.67%
Defias Bodyguard10Elwynn Forest6.45%
Elder Timberling10 - 11Teldrassil6.40%
Captain Dargol13Tirisfal Glades6.25%
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This item can be looted from:

Name Area
Battered ChestAshenvale
Battered ChestGhostlands
Battered ChestRedridge Mountains
Battered ChestDun Morogh
Battered ChestBloodmyst Isle
Battered ChestElwynn Forest
Battered ChestLoch Modan
Battered ChestTirisfal Glades
Battered ChestMulgore
Battered ChestWestfall
Battered ChestTeldrassil
Battered ChestDarkshore
Battered ChestSilverpine Forest
Battered ChestThe Barrens
Battered ChestDurotar
Battered ChestThe Deadmines
Battered ChestStonetalon Mountains
Copper VeinWailing Caverns
Copper VeinDuskwood
Copper VeinRedridge Mountains
Copper VeinThousand Needles
Copper VeinAzuremyst Isle
Copper VeinBloodmyst Isle
Copper VeinGhostlands
Copper VeinAlterac Mountains
Copper VeinAshenvale
Copper VeinHillsbrad Foothills
Copper VeinElwynn Forest
Copper VeinDun Morogh
Copper VeinLoch Modan
Copper VeinWestfall
Copper VeinWetlands
Copper VeinEversong Woods
Copper VeinMulgore
Copper VeinDarkshore
Copper VeinStonetalon Mountains
Copper VeinSilverpine Forest
Copper VeinDurotar
Copper VeinThe Barrens
Copper VeinThe Deadmines
Copper VeinTirisfal Glades
Copper VeinDesolace
Copper VeinOrgrimmar
Tainted Soil SampleEversong Woods
Tattered ChestAzuremyst Isle
Tattered ChestGhostlands
Tattered ChestArathi Highlands
Tattered ChestEversong Woods
Tattered ChestStonetalon Mountains
Tattered ChestHillsbrad Foothills
Tattered ChestBloodmyst Isle
Tattered ChestSilverpine Forest
Tattered ChestThe Barrens

Quest reward from:
[7] The Escape
[5] Burning Blade Medallion
[4] Inoculation
[16] Keeper of the Flame

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