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Powerful Mojo
Item Level: 55
 Stack size: 20

Vendor sell:
The following mobs drop this item:

Mob Level Area %
High Priest ThekalBossZul'Gurub100.00%
High Priestess JeklikBossZul'Gurub75.00%
Smolderthorn Axe Thrower55 - 56Blackrock Spire20.00%
Hakkari Priest60Zul'Gurub18.18%
Smolderthorn Shadow Hunter56 - 57Blackrock Spire14.29%
Hakkari OracleBossStranglethorn Vale12.50%
Smolderthorn Headhunter56 - 57Blackrock Spire5.71%
Smolderthorn Shadow Priest55 - 56Blackrock Spire4.44%
Mossflayer ScoutBossEastern Plaguelands4.35%
Gurubashi WarriorBossStranglethorn Vale2.99%
Mossflayer ShadowhunterBossEastern Plaguelands2.27%
Mossflayer Cannibal57 - 59Eastern Plaguelands2.17%
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This item is part of the following crafted items/recipes:

Item Recipe
Bloodvine GogglesSchematic: Bloodvine Goggles
Bloodvine LeggingsPattern: Bloodvine Leggings
Bloodvine LensSchematic: Bloodvine Lens
Bloodvine VestPattern: Bloodvine Vest
Enchanted BattlehammerPlans: Enchanted Battlehammer
Girdle of InsightPattern: Girdle of Insight
Might of the TimbermawPattern: Might of the Timbermaw
SerenityPlans: Serenity
Timbermaw BrawlersPattern: Timbermaw Brawlers

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