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Ironweb Spider Silk
Item Level: 50
 Stack size: 10

Vendor sell:
The following mobs drop this item:

Mob Level Area %
Mother Smolderweb59Blackrock Spire90.91%
Rock Stalker57 - 58Silithus18.28%
Razzashi Broodwidow56 - 61Zul'Gurub14.29%
Sand Skitterer55 - 56Silithus14.07%
Spire Spiderling55 - 56Blackrock Spire12.28%
Spire Spider57 - 58Blackrock Spire11.11%
Carrion Lurker52 - 53Western Plaguelands10.85%
Greater Lava SpiderBossSearing Gorge8.46%
Plague LurkerBossWestern Plaguelands8.33%
Venom Mist LurkerBossWestern Plaguelands7.32%
Venom Mist LurkerBossTirisfal Glades7.32%
Timberweb Recluse47 - 48Azshara6.91%
Razzashi Skitterer52 - 58Zul'Gurub6.25%
Searing Lava Spider45 - 47Searing Gorge5.41%
Showing 15 results.

This item is part of the following crafted items/recipes:

Item Recipe
Argent BootsPattern: Argent Boots
Argent ShouldersPattern: Argent Shoulders
Big Bag of EnchantmentPattern: Big Bag of Enchantment
Bloodvine BootsPattern: Bloodvine Boots
Bloodvine LeggingsPattern: Bloodvine Leggings
Bloodvine VestPattern: Bloodvine Vest
Brightcloth PantsPattern: Brightcloth Pants
Chromatic GauntletsPattern: Chromatic Gauntlets
Core Felcloth BagPattern: Core Felcloth Bag
Corehound BeltPattern: Corehound Belt
Delicate Arcanite ConverterSchematic: Delicate Arcanite Converter
Dreamscale BreastplatePattern: Dreamscale Breastplate
Flarecore LeggingsPattern: Flarecore Leggings
Flarecore RobePattern: Flarecore Robe
Gaea's EmbracePattern: Gaea's Embrace
Ghostweave BeltPattern: Ghostweave Belt
Ghostweave GlovesPattern: Ghostweave Gloves
Ghostweave VestPattern: Ghostweave Vest
Lava BeltPattern: Lava Belt
Mantle of the TimbermawPattern: Mantle of the Timbermaw
Molten BeltPattern: Molten Belt
Runecloth BootsPattern: Runecloth Boots
Runecloth CloakPattern: Runecloth Cloak
Runecloth HeadbandPattern: Runecloth Headband
Runecloth PantsPattern: Runecloth Pants
Runecloth RobePattern: Runecloth Robe
Runecloth ShouldersPattern: Runecloth Shoulders
Runecloth TunicPattern: Runecloth Tunic
Satchel of CenariusPattern: Satchel of Cenarius
Sylvan CrownPattern: Sylvan Crown
Sylvan ShouldersPattern: Sylvan Shoulders
Sylvan VestPattern: Sylvan Vest
Timbermaw BrawlersPattern: Timbermaw Brawlers
Wisdom of the TimbermawPattern: Wisdom of the Timbermaw

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