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Fel Lotus
Item Level: 75
 Stack size: 20

Vendor sell:
The following mobs drop this item:

Mob Level Area %
Warp Splinter71 - 72The Botanica2.22%
Showing 1 result.

This item can be looted from:

Name Area
Ancient LichenThe Underbog
Dreaming GloryThe Botanica
Dreaming GloryZangarmarsh
Dreaming GloryTerokkar Forest
Dreaming GloryHellfire Peninsula
Dreaming GloryNetherstorm
Dreaming GloryNagrand
Dreaming GloryBlade's Edge Mountains
Dreaming GloryShadowmoon Valley
Dreaming GloryShattrath City
FelweedThe Slave Pens
FelweedHellfire Peninsula
FelweedShadowmoon Valley
FelweedTerokkar Forest
FelweedBlade's Edge Mountains
Mana ThistleTerokkar Forest
Mana ThistleNetherstorm
Mana ThistleIsle of Quel'Danas
Mana ThistleShadowmoon Valley
NetherbloomThe Botanica
Netherdust BushShadowmoon Valley
Nightmare VineShadowmoon Valley
Nightmare VineHellfire Peninsula
Nightmare VineBlade's Edge Mountains
RagveilThe Slave Pens
TeroconeThe Botanica
TeroconeTerokkar Forest
TeroconeShadowmoon Valley

This item is sold by these vendors:

Vendor Area Amount
LharaElwynn Forest Limited (2)
LharaMulgore Limited (2)
LharaTerokkar Forest Limited (2)

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