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Golden Draenite
Item Level: 65
 Stack size: 20

Vendor sell:
The following mobs drop this item:

Mob Level Area %
Clefthoof Calf62 - 63Nagrand13.33%
Shattered Hand Blood Guard71The Shattered Halls6.25%
Sunseeker Chemist70 - 71The Botanica3.92%
Vekh'nir Keeneye65 - 66Blade's Edge Mountains2.80%
Bloodwarder Falconer70 - 71The Botanica2.38%
Gordunni Elementalist70 - 71Terokkar Forest1.85%
Sunseeker Harvester70 - 71The Botanica1.85%
Bonechewer Ravener60 - 71Hellfire Ramparts1.72%
Skeletal Waiter71Karazhan1.67%
Son of Corok68 - 69Shadowmoon Valley1.49%
Durnholde Veteran67Old Hillsbrad Foothills1.30%
Coilfang Sorceress70The Steamvault1.27%
Coilskar Myrmidon69 - 70Shadowmoon Valley1.06%
Mana Feeder70Karazhan0.78%
Sister of Grief60 - 61Hellfire Peninsula0.72%
Frayer Wildling70The Botanica0.61%
Bleeding Hollow Archer60 - 71Hellfire Ramparts0.55%
Bleeding Hollow Scryer60 - 71Hellfire Ramparts0.55%
Durnholde Rifleman66 - 71Old Hillsbrad Foothills0.53%
Dragonmaw Wrangler68 - 69Shadowmoon Valley0.50%
Cabal Ritualist69 - 71Shadow Labyrinth0.47%
Durnholde Sentry66 - 71Old Hillsbrad Foothills0.44%
Phantom Guest70Karazhan0.42%
Sunfury Archer67 - 68Netherstorm0.37%
Cabal Cultist69 - 71Shadow Labyrinth0.34%
Fenclaw Thrasher62 - 63Zangarmarsh0.30%
Laughing Skull Enforcer61 - 70The Blood Furnace0.24%
Teromoth62 - 63Terokkar Forest0.21%
Tortured Earth Spirit64 - 65Nagrand0.19%
Warped Peon62 - 63Terokkar Forest0.18%
Eclipsion Soldier68 - 69Shadowmoon Valley0.18%
Lost Spirit64 - 65Terokkar Forest0.18%
Demon Hunter Initiate70Shadowmoon Valley0.13%
Lake Spirit64 - 65Nagrand0.13%
Ethereum Avenger69 - 70Netherstorm0.12%
Enraged Crusher65 - 66Nagrand0.11%
Terrorfiend61 - 62Hellfire Peninsula0.10%
Bonelasher64 - 65Terokkar Forest0.09%
Bleeding Hollow Grunt59 - 61Hellfire Peninsula0.08%
Death's Might68Blade's Edge Mountains0.08%
Searing Elemental67 - 68Blade's Edge Mountains0.07%
Searing Elemental67 - 68Netherstorm0.07%
Raging Fire-Soul70 - 71Nagrand0.06%
Deranged Helboar57 - 61Hellfire Peninsula0.04%
Zaxxis Raider67 - 68Netherstorm0.03%
Talbuk Thorngrazer65 - 66Nagrand0.02%
Showing 46 results.

This item can be looted from:

Name Area
Adamantite DepositNagrand
Adamantite DepositZangarmarsh
Adamantite DepositTerokkar Forest
Adamantite DepositNetherstorm
Adamantite DepositShadowmoon Valley
Adamantite DepositBlade's Edge Mountains
Adamantite DepositIsle of Quel'Danas
Fel Iron DepositThe Steamvault
Fel Iron DepositHellfire Peninsula
Fel Iron DepositZangarmarsh
Fel Iron DepositTerokkar Forest
Fel Iron DepositNetherstorm
Fel Iron DepositShadowmoon Valley
Fel Iron DepositNagrand
Fel Iron DepositBlade's Edge Mountains
Nethercite DepositShadowmoon Valley
Rich Adamantite DepositThe Underbog
Rich Adamantite DepositNagrand
Rich Adamantite DepositNetherstorm
Rich Adamantite DepositShadowmoon Valley
Rich Adamantite DepositTerokkar Forest
Rich Adamantite DepositBlade's Edge Mountains
Rich Adamantite DepositIsle of Quel'Danas

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