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Jaggal Clam Meat
Item Level: 65
 Stack size: 10

Vendor sell:
The following mobs drop this item:

Mob Level Area %
Coilfang Scale-Healer62 - 70The Slave Pens16.00%
Bloodscale Sentry62 - 63Zangarmarsh4.35%
Rajis Fyashe63Zangarmarsh4.00%
Coilfang Defender63 - 71The Slave Pens1.85%
Wastewalker Slave62 - 71The Slave Pens1.85%
Greater Bogstrok62 - 70The Slave Pens1.79%
Coilfang Soothsayer62 - 70The Slave Pens1.69%
Quagmirran64 - 72The Slave Pens1.32%
Coilfang Sorceress70The Steamvault1.27%
Coilfang Warrior70The Steamvault1.11%
Coilfang Engineer70The Steamvault0.75%
Bogflare Needler60 - 62Zangarmarsh0.58%
Marsh Lurker61 - 62Zangarmarsh0.56%
Coilfang Myrmidon70The Steamvault0.40%
Coilfang Technician63 - 71The Slave Pens0.40%
Marsh Dredger61 - 62Zangarmarsh0.34%
Fenclaw Thrasher62 - 63Zangarmarsh0.30%
Darkspine Myrmidon70 - 71Isle of Quel'Danas0.27%
Bloodscale Enchantress63 - 64Zangarmarsh0.18%
Bloodscale Slavedriver63 - 64Zangarmarsh0.17%
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This item can be looted from:

Name Area
Darkspine Ore ChestIsle of Quel'Danas
Fel Iron ChestZangarmarsh
Fel Iron ChestHellfire Peninsula
Fel Iron ChestTerokkar Forest
Golden SansamZul'Gurub
Golden SansamHellfire Peninsula
Golden SansamAzshara
Golden SansamUn'Goro Crater
Golden SansamZangarmarsh
Golden SansamEastern Plaguelands
Golden SansamThe Hinterlands
Golden SansamBurning Steppes
Golden SansamFelwood
Golden SansamNetherstorm
Golden SansamFeralas
RagveilThe Slave Pens

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