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Flask of Port
Item Level: 15
 Stack size: 20
Use: A typical alcoholic beverage.

Vendor sell:
This item is sold by these vendors:

Vendor Area Amount
Gwenna FirebrewStranglethorn ValeUnlimited
Innkeeper FirebrewBurning SteppesUnlimited
Caregiver Topher LoaalBloodmyst IsleUnlimited
Keeg GibnDun MoroghUnlimited
Brother CartwrightDun MoroghUnlimited
Suntouched ApprenticeDurotarUnlimited
Joshua MaclureElwynn ForestUnlimited
Barkeep DobbinsElwynn ForestUnlimited
Sergeant De VriesElwynn ForestUnlimited
Sailor MelinanEversong WoodsUnlimited
Bruuk BarleybeardIronforgeUnlimited
Edris BarleybeardIronforgeUnlimited
Gwenna FirebrewIronforgeUnlimited
Innkeeper FirebrewIronforgeUnlimited
Barkeep MoragOrgrimmarUnlimited
KyleneShattrath CityUnlimited
Vinemaster AlamaroShattrath CityUnlimited
Vinemaster SuntouchedSilvermoon CityUnlimited
Joachim BrenlowStormwind CityUnlimited
Roberto PupellyverbosStormwind CityUnlimited
Elly LangstonStormwind CityUnlimited
Jarel MoorStormwind CityUnlimited
Julia GallinaStormwind CityUnlimited
Nixxrax FillamugStranglethorn ValeUnlimited
Alexston ChromeTanarisUnlimited
Innkeeper FirebrewWetlandsUnlimited

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