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Stringy Wolf Meat
Item Level: 5
 Stack size: 10

Vendor sell:
The following mobs drop this item:

Mob Level Area %
Bloodsnout Worg16 - 17Silverpine Forest104.12%
Starving Winter Wolf8 - 9Dun Morogh100.00%
Timber10Dun Morogh66.67%
Winter Wolf6 - 8Dun Morogh59.66%
Worg10 - 11Silverpine Forest58.06%
Worg10 - 11Tirisfal Glades58.06%
Mottled Worg11 - 12Silverpine Forest57.92%
Prairie Wolf Alpha9 - 10Thunder Bluff57.64%
Prairie Wolf Alpha9 - 10Mulgore57.64%
Prowler9 - 10Elwynn Forest55.21%
Decrepit Darkhound5 - 6Tirisfal Glades53.48%
Gray Forest Wolf7 - 8Elwynn Forest53.47%
Cursed Darkhound7 - 8Tirisfal Glades51.52%
Cursed Darkhound7 - 8Undercity51.52%
Bayne10Tirisfal Glades50.00%
Prairie Stalker7 - 8Thunder Bluff48.67%
Prairie Stalker7 - 8Mulgore48.67%
Mangy Wolf5 - 6Elwynn Forest46.44%
Mangy Wolf5 - 6Stormwind City46.44%
Ravenous Darkhound9 - 10Tirisfal Glades45.45%
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This item can be looted from:

Name Area
Bundle of WoodElwynn Forest
Copper VeinWailing Caverns
Copper VeinDuskwood
Copper VeinRedridge Mountains
Copper VeinThousand Needles
Copper VeinAzuremyst Isle
Copper VeinBloodmyst Isle
Copper VeinGhostlands
Copper VeinAlterac Mountains
Copper VeinAshenvale
Copper VeinHillsbrad Foothills
Copper VeinElwynn Forest
Copper VeinDun Morogh
Copper VeinLoch Modan
Copper VeinWestfall
Copper VeinWetlands
Copper VeinEversong Woods
Copper VeinMulgore
Copper VeinDarkshore
Copper VeinStonetalon Mountains
Copper VeinSilverpine Forest
Copper VeinDurotar
Copper VeinThe Barrens
Copper VeinThe Deadmines
Copper VeinTirisfal Glades
Copper VeinDesolace
Copper VeinOrgrimmar
PeacebloomAzuremyst Isle
PeacebloomLoch Modan
PeacebloomElwynn Forest
PeacebloomEversong Woods
PeacebloomBloodmyst Isle
PeacebloomDun Morogh
PeacebloomSilverpine Forest
PeacebloomTirisfal Glades
PeacebloomThunder Bluff
PeacebloomThe Barrens
SilverleafAzuremyst Isle
SilverleafElwynn Forest
SilverleafLoch Modan
SilverleafBloodmyst Isle
SilverleafThunder Bluff
SilverleafEversong Woods
SilverleafDun Morogh
SilverleafSilverpine Forest
SilverleafTirisfal Glades
SilverleafThe Barrens

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