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Chunk o' Basilisk
Item Level: 60
 Stack size: 20

Vendor sell:
The following mobs drop this item:

Mob Level Area %
Grishnath Basilisk67Blade's Edge Mountains56.10%
Dampscale Devourer63 - 64Terokkar Forest45.25%
Ironspine Chomper63 - 64Shattrath City39.90%
Ironspine Chomper63 - 64Terokkar Forest39.90%
Scalded Basilisk67 - 68Blade's Edge Mountains38.30%
Marshrock Stomper61 - 62Zangarmarsh37.50%
Dampscale Basilisk62 - 63Terokkar Forest36.39%
Dampscale Basilisk62 - 63Zangarmarsh36.39%
Dampscale Basilisk62 - 6336.39%
Ironspine Gazer63 - 64Zangarmarsh36.36%
Porfus the Gem Gorger71Netherstorm34.78%
Ironspine Threshalisk63 - 64Zangarmarsh33.96%
Ragestone Threshalisk62 - 63Zangarmarsh33.33%
Ironspine PetrifierBossZangarmarsh32.41%
Ironspine PetrifierBossShattrath City32.41%
Ironspine PetrifierBossTerokkar Forest32.41%
Ruuan Weald Basilisk66Blade's Edge Mountains30.32%
Ragestone Trampler62 - 63Zangarmarsh22.22%
Marshrock Threshalisk61 - 62Zangarmarsh19.44%
Stonegazer64Terokkar Forest13.04%
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This item can be looted from:

Name Area
Adamantite DepositNagrand
Adamantite DepositZangarmarsh
Adamantite DepositTerokkar Forest
Adamantite DepositNetherstorm
Adamantite DepositShadowmoon Valley
Adamantite DepositBlade's Edge Mountains
Adamantite DepositIsle of Quel'Danas
Fel Iron DepositThe Steamvault
Fel Iron DepositHellfire Peninsula
Fel Iron DepositZangarmarsh
Fel Iron DepositTerokkar Forest
Fel Iron DepositNetherstorm
Fel Iron DepositShadowmoon Valley
Fel Iron DepositNagrand
Fel Iron DepositBlade's Edge Mountains

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