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Bolt of Mageweave
Item Level: 45
 Stack size: 10

Vendor sell:
 12 50
This item can be crafted:
To be able to craft this item you need the following:
Mageweave Cloth (5)

The following mobs drop this item:

Mob Level Area %
Zanzil Naga44Stranglethorn Vale0.56%
Showing 1 result.

This item can be looted from:

Name Area
Solid ChestBadlands
Solid ChestThousand Needles
Solid ChestSwamp of Sorrows
Solid ChestDuskwood
Solid ChestWetlands
Solid ChestAzshara
Solid ChestSearing Gorge
Solid ChestStranglethorn Vale
Solid ChestArathi Highlands
Solid ChestBurning Steppes
Solid ChestThe Hinterlands
Solid ChestRedridge Mountains
Solid ChestAshenvale
Solid ChestEastern Plaguelands
Solid ChestStonetalon Mountains
Solid ChestWinterspring
Solid ChestHillsbrad Foothills
Solid ChestAlterac Mountains
Solid ChestWestern Plaguelands
Solid ChestDustwallow Marsh
Solid ChestTanaris
Solid ChestThe Barrens
Solid ChestBlasted Lands
Solid ChestDesolace

Taught by these trainers:

Vendor Area
Bowen BrisboiseTirisfal Glades
DalinnaHellfire Peninsula
Daryl StackHillsbrad Foothills
EldrinElwynn Forest
Erin KellyAzuremyst Isle
Georgio BoleroStormwind City
Grarnik GoodstitchStranglethorn Vale
Grondal MoonbreezeDarkshore
HamaHellfire Peninsula
Jormund StonebrowIronforge
Josef GregorianUndercity
Keelen SheetsSilvermoon City
Kil'halaThe Barrens
MahaniThe Barrens
Sempstress AmbershineEversong Woods
TepaThunder Bluff
Timothy WorthingtonDustwallow Marsh

This item is part of the following crafted items/recipes:

Item Recipe
Parachute CloakSchematic: Parachute Cloak
Red Mageweave GlovesPattern: Red Mageweave Gloves
Red Mageweave PantsPattern: Red Mageweave Pants
Red Mageweave ShouldersPattern: Red Mageweave Shoulders
Red Mageweave VestPattern: Red Mageweave Vest
Shadoweave MaskPattern: Shadoweave Mask
Star BeltPattern: Star Belt

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