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Coarse Blasting Powder
Item Level: 15
 PartsStack size: 20

Vendor sell:
This item can be crafted:
To be able to craft this item you need the following:
Coarse Stone (1)

The following mobs drop this item:

Mob Level Area %
Crowd Pummeler 9-6028 - 32Gnomeregan14.29%
Goblin Craftsman18 - 19The Deadmines9.90%
Mekgineer ThermapluggBossGnomeregan8.70%
Venture Co. Engineer20 - 21Stonetalon Mountains7.97%
Sneed's Shredder20The Deadmines6.49%
Goblin Engineer18 - 19The Deadmines6.44%
Venture Co. Builder20 - 21Stonetalon Mountains5.97%
Arcane Nullifier X-2127 - 33Gnomeregan5.71%
Warsong Shredder27 - 28Ashenvale4.41%
Gilnid20The Deadmines3.03%
XT:923Stonetalon Mountains3.03%
Mechano-Frostwalker27 - 32Gnomeregan1.92%
Mechanized Sentry25 - 29Gnomeregan1.61%
Venture Co. Machine Smith21 - 22Stonetalon Mountains1.02%
Bael'dun Officer26The Barrens0.53%
Showing 15 results.

This item can be looted from:

Name Area
Artificial ExtrapolatorGnomeregan
Box of Assorted PartsThe Deadmines
Box of Assorted PartsWestfall
Box of Assorted PartsThe Barrens
Goblin Smelting PotThe Deadmines

Taught by these trainers:

Vendor Area
Artificer DaeloAzuremyst Isle
Bronk GuzzlegearDun Morogh
Buzzek BracketswingTanaris
DanweSilvermoon City
Deek FizzlebizzLoch Modan
Finbus GeargrindDuskwood
GloresseSilvermoon City
Graham Van TalenUndercity
Jemma QuikswitchIronforge
Jenna LemkenilliDarkshore
K. Lee SmallfryZangarmarsh
LebowskiHellfire Peninsula
Lilliam SparkspindleStormwind City
Mack DiverZangarmarsh
OckilThe Exodar
Springspindle FizzlegearIronforge
Sprite JumpsprocketStormwind City
TinkerwizThe Barrens
Trixie QuikswitchIronforge

This item is sold by these vendors:

Vendor Area Amount
Tink SprocketwhistleGnomeregan Limited (4)
Merchant Fallel StargazerTeldrassil Limited (3)
Field Repair Bot 74ANaxxramas Limited (3)
Rizz LooseboltAlterac Mountains Limited (2)
Zan ShivsproketAlterac Mountains Limited (3)
Jubie GadgetspringAzshara Limited (3)
Artificer DaeloAzuremyst Isle Limited (3)
Clopper WizbangBloodmyst Isle Limited (3)
Yuka ScrewspigotBurning Steppes Limited (4)
Merchant Fallel StargazerDarkshore Limited (3)
Engineer BrightbuckleDarkshore Limited (3)
Loslor RudgeDun Morogh Limited (4)
Vendo-O-Tron D-LuxeDurotar Limited (4)
Herble BaubbletumpDuskwood Limited (2)
Engineer CombsDustwallow Marsh Limited (2)
Zorbin FandazzleFeralas Limited (4)
Merchant FelagunneFeralas Limited (2)
Namdo BizzfizzleGnomeregan Limited (2)
ZebigHellfire Peninsula Limited (4)
LebowskiHellfire Peninsula Limited (2)
Gearcutter CogspinnerIronforge Limited (3)
Pilot MarshaNagrand Limited (3)
SovikOrgrimmar Limited (4)
Field Repair Bot 74AShadowmoon Valley Limited (3)
YatheonSilvermoon City Limited (4)
Engineer BrightbuckleStormwind City Limited (3)
Billibub CogspinnerStormwind City Limited (4)
Gnaz BlunderflameStranglethorn Vale Limited (3)
Knaz BlunderflameStranglethorn Vale Limited (3)
Vendo-O-Tron D-LuxeStranglethorn Vale Limited (4)
Engineer TorquespindleStranglethorn Vale Limited (3)
Mazk SnipeshotStranglethorn Vale Limited (4)
Merchant Fallel StargazerTeldrassil Limited (3)
Siflaed ColdhammerTerokkar Forest Limited (3)
Engineer TorquespindleThe Barrens Limited (3)
GagsprocketThe Barrens Limited (3)
FeeraThe Exodar Limited (3)
Ruppo ZipcoilThe Hinterlands Limited (3)
Jinky TwizzlefixxitThousand Needles Limited (4)
Wizzle BrassboltsThousand Needles Limited (2)
Vendo-O-Tron D-LuxeTirisfal Glades Limited (4)
Elizabeth Van TalenUndercity Limited (3)
Field Repair Bot 74AWarsong Gulch Limited (3)
Fradd SwiftgearWetlands Limited (4)
Neal AllenWetlands Limited (4)
Engineer BrightbuckleWetlands Limited (3)
Engineer CombsWetlands Limited (2)
Xizzer FizzboltWinterspring Limited (4)
Captured GnomeZangarmarsh Limited (3)

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