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Rockscale Cod
Item Level: 35
 Stack size: 20
Requires Level: 25
Use: Restores 874 health over 27 seconds. Must remain seated while eating.

Vendor sell:
This item can be crafted:
To be able to craft this item you need the following:
Raw Rockscale Cod (1)

This item can be looted from:

Name Area
Feast FishStormwind City
Wooden ChairStormwind City
Wooden ChairWestfall

This item is sold by these vendors:

Vendor Area Amount
Hal McAllisterOld Hillsbrad FoothillsUnlimited
Hal McAllisterOld Hillsbrad FoothillsUnlimited
Shrye RagefistAlterac ValleyUnlimited
Brogus ThunderbrewAlterac ValleyUnlimited
Innkeeper KimlyaAshenvaleUnlimited
Caregiver Topher LoaalBloodmyst IsleUnlimited
Heldan GalesongDarkshoreUnlimited
Galley Chief MarissDarkshoreUnlimited
Galley Chief GathersDarkshoreUnlimited
"Dirty" Michael CroweDustwallow MarshUnlimited
Galley Chief AlunweaFeralasUnlimited
Heron SkygazeGhostlandsUnlimited
Hal McAllisterHillsbrad FoothillsUnlimited
Hal McAllisterHillsbrad FoothillsUnlimited
Innkeeper KimlyaIronforgeUnlimited
Khara DeepwaterLoch ModanUnlimited
Innkeeper BriannaRedridge MountainsUnlimited
Vernon HaleRedridge MountainsUnlimited
Gretchen VogelRedridge MountainsUnlimited
OloraakShattrath CityUnlimited
Innkeeper VelandraSilvermoon CityUnlimited
Galley Chief GathersStormwind CityUnlimited
Innkeeper ThulbekStranglethorn ValeUnlimited
Galley Chief SteelbellyStranglethorn ValeUnlimited
Innkeeper SkindleStranglethorn ValeUnlimited
WigcikStranglethorn ValeUnlimited
Galley Chief MarissTeldrassilUnlimited
KilxxThe BarrensUnlimited
Galley Chief SteelbellyThe BarrensUnlimited
Innkeeper WileyThe BarrensUnlimited
Caregiver BreelThe ExodarUnlimited
LardThe HinterlandsUnlimited
Innkeeper SkindleThousand NeedlesUnlimited
Kriggon TalsoneWestfallUnlimited
Innkeeper HeatherWestfallUnlimited
Galley Chief GathersWetlandsUnlimited
Stuart FlemingWetlandsUnlimited

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