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Greater Mana Potion
Item Level: 41
 Stack size: 5
Requires Level: 31
Use: Restores 700 to 900 mana.

Vendor sell:
 1 20
This item can be crafted:
To be able to craft this item you need the following:
Khadgar's Whisker (1)
Goldthorn (1)
Leaded Vial (1)

The following mobs drop this item:

Mob Level Area %
Treasure Hunting Swashbuckler44 - 45Tanaris20.00%
Witch Doctor Mai'jin46The Hinterlands15.00%
Lathoric the Black46 - 52Searing Gorge14.29%
Gordunni Warlord46 - 47Feralas9.76%
Oro Eyegouge44Zul'Farrak8.70%
Deeprot Tangler43 - 45Maraudon6.45%
Zapped Wave Strider47 - 48Feralas6.15%
Cursed Sycamore45Feralas5.88%
Yenniku41Stranglethorn Vale5.56%
Southsea Kidnapper45Tanaris4.76%
Mire Lord42Swamp of Sorrows4.55%
Earthen Rocksmasher38 - 43Uldaman4.38%
Nethergarde Miner47 - 48Blasted Lands4.35%
Zolo49 - 51The Temple of Atal'Hakkar4.35%
Shadowforge Archaeologist38 - 44Uldaman4.17%
Dark Iron Geologist43 - 44Searing Gorge3.62%
Elder Dragonkin45Swamp of Sorrows3.57%
Zul'Lor49 - 52The Temple of Atal'Hakkar3.57%
Poison Sprite42 - 43Maraudon3.51%
Sandfury Hideskinner42 - 43Tanaris3.08%
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This item can be looted from:

Name Area
Heavy Fel Iron ChestHellfire Peninsula
Heavy Fel Iron ChestTerokkar Forest
Heavy Fel Iron ChestBlade's Edge Mountains
Heavy Fel Iron ChestZangarmarsh
Heavy Fel Iron ChestNagrand
Solid ChestBadlands
Solid ChestThousand Needles
Solid ChestSwamp of Sorrows
Solid ChestDuskwood
Solid ChestWetlands
Solid ChestAzshara
Solid ChestSearing Gorge
Solid ChestStranglethorn Vale
Solid ChestArathi Highlands
Solid ChestBurning Steppes
Solid ChestThe Hinterlands
Solid ChestRedridge Mountains
Solid ChestAshenvale
Solid ChestEastern Plaguelands
Solid ChestStonetalon Mountains
Solid ChestWinterspring
Solid ChestHillsbrad Foothills
Solid ChestAlterac Mountains
Solid ChestWestern Plaguelands
Solid ChestDustwallow Marsh
Solid ChestTanaris
Solid ChestThe Barrens
Solid ChestBlasted Lands
Solid ChestDesolace
Stonemaul Clan BannerDustwallow Marsh
Supply CrateStratholme

Taught by these trainers:

Vendor Area
Alchemist GribbleHellfire Peninsula
Alchemist MalloryElwynn Forest
Arcanist SheynathrenEversong Woods
Bena WinterhoofThunder Bluff
Carolai AniseTirisfal Glades
Cyndra KindwhisperTeldrassil
Doctor Herbert HalseyUndercity
Ghak HealtouchLoch Modan
Jaxin ChongStranglethorn Vale
Kylanna WindwhisperFeralas
Lilyssia NightbreezeStormwind City
LorokeemShattrath City
LuccThe Exodar
RogvarSwamp of Sorrows
Serge HinottHillsbrad Foothills
Tally BerryfizzIronforge

This item is sold by these vendors:

Vendor Area Amount
Innkeeper Bazil Olof'tazun Limited (1)
OtonambusiAzuremyst Isle Limited (2)
Nina LightbrewBlasted Lands Limited (2)
BronkFeralas Limited (2)
LogannasFeralas Limited (1)
Innkeeper Bazil Olof'tazunHellfire Peninsula Limited (1)
Caregiver Ophera WindfuryHellfire Peninsula Limited (1)
RartarSwamp of Sorrows Limited (2)
ThultazorSwamp of Sorrows Limited (2)
Evie WhirlbrewWinterspring Limited (2)
Innkeeper KerpZangarmarsh Limited (2)

Quest reward from:
[60] Houses of the Holy
[55] Lost Thunderbrew Recipe
[47] The Platinum Discs

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