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Essence of Earth
Item Level: 55
 Stack size: 10

Vendor sell:
This item can be crafted:
To be able to craft this item you need the following:
Essence of Fire (1)

The following mobs drop this item:

Mob Level Area %
Desert Rager58 - 59Silithus50.00%
Stone Guardian60 - 6133.33%
Stone Guardian60 - 61Un'Goro Crater33.33%
Lava Surger61 - 62Molten Core25.00%
Desert Rumbler56 - 58Silithus17.74%
Greater Obsidian Elemental55 - 57Burning Steppes12.07%
Obsidian Elemental51 - 53Burning Steppes11.76%
Molten Giant62Molten Core11.11%
Enraged Crusher65 - 66Nagrand0.44%
Enraged Earth Spirit68 - 69Shadowmoon Valley0.24%
Shattered Rumbler66 - 670.18%
Shattered Rumbler66 - 67Nagrand0.18%
Tortured Earth Spirit64 - 65Nagrand0.09%
Showing 14 results.

This item can be looted from:

Name Area
Adamantite DepositNagrand
Adamantite DepositZangarmarsh
Adamantite DepositTerokkar Forest
Adamantite DepositNetherstorm
Adamantite DepositShadowmoon Valley
Adamantite DepositBlade's Edge Mountains
Adamantite DepositIsle of Quel'Danas

This item is part of the following crafted items/recipes:

Item Recipe
Biznicks 247x128 AccurascopeSchematic: Biznicks 247x128 Accurascope
Essence of WaterRecipe: Transmute Earth to Water
Flawless Arcanite RifleSchematic: Flawless Arcanite Rifle
Force Reactive DiskSchematic: Force Reactive Disk
Heavy Obsidian BeltPlans: Heavy Obsidian Belt
Heavy Timbermaw BeltPlans: Heavy Timbermaw Belt
Heavy Timbermaw BootsPlans: Heavy Timbermaw Boots
Jagged Obsidian ShieldPlans: Jagged Obsidian Shield
Living EssenceRecipe: Transmute Earth to Life
Mantle of the TimbermawPattern: Mantle of the Timbermaw
Masterwork StormhammerPlans: Masterwork Stormhammer
Molten BeltPattern: Molten Belt
Stronghold GauntletsPlans: Stronghold Gauntlets
Thick Obsidian BreastplatePlans: Thick Obsidian Breastplate
Thorium Shield SpikePlans: Thorium Shield Spike
Titanic LeggingsPlans: Titanic Leggings
Volcanic ShouldersPattern: Volcanic Shoulders
Wisdom of the TimbermawPattern: Wisdom of the Timbermaw

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