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Item Level: 7
 Stack size: 20

Vendor sell:
The following mobs drop this item:

Mob Level Area %
Burning Blade Cultist10 - 11Durotar9.09%
Tregla10Eversong Woods8.00%
Deth'ryll Satyr12 - 13Darkshore4.79%
Timberling Bark Ripper7 - 8Teldrassil4.50%
Elder Timberling10 - 11Teldrassil4.00%
Timberling Mire Beast9 - 10Teldrassil3.23%
Bael'dun Appraiser8 - 9Mulgore2.88%
Venture Co. Gemologist6 - 7Azuremyst Isle2.86%
Large Crag Boar5 - 7Dun Morogh2.79%
The Kurken12Azuremyst Isle2.70%
Frostmane Hideskinner9 - 10Dun Morogh2.67%
Greymist Netter14 - 15Darkshore2.52%
Angry Murloc5 - 6Azuremyst Isle2.30%
Angry Murloc5 - 6The Veiled Sea2.30%
Mine Spider8 - 9Elwynn Forest2.30%
Kobold Geomancer7 - 8Elwynn Forest2.29%
Frostmane Shadowcaster9 - 10Dun Morogh2.27%
Windfury Harpy7 - 8Mulgore2.25%
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This item can be looted from:

Name Area
Battered ChestAshenvale
Battered ChestGhostlands
Battered ChestRedridge Mountains
Battered ChestDun Morogh
Battered ChestBloodmyst Isle
Battered ChestElwynn Forest
Battered ChestLoch Modan
Battered ChestTirisfal Glades
Battered ChestMulgore
Battered ChestWestfall
Battered ChestTeldrassil
Battered ChestDarkshore
Battered ChestSilverpine Forest
Battered ChestThe Barrens
Battered ChestDurotar
Battered ChestThe Deadmines
Battered ChestStonetalon Mountains
Copper VeinWailing Caverns
Copper VeinDuskwood
Copper VeinRedridge Mountains
Copper VeinThousand Needles
Copper VeinAzuremyst Isle
Copper VeinBloodmyst Isle
Copper VeinGhostlands
Copper VeinAlterac Mountains
Copper VeinAshenvale
Copper VeinHillsbrad Foothills
Copper VeinElwynn Forest
Copper VeinDun Morogh
Copper VeinLoch Modan
Copper VeinWestfall
Copper VeinWetlands
Copper VeinEversong Woods
Copper VeinMulgore
Copper VeinDarkshore
Copper VeinStonetalon Mountains
Copper VeinSilverpine Forest
Copper VeinDurotar
Copper VeinThe Barrens
Copper VeinThe Deadmines
Copper VeinTirisfal Glades
Copper VeinDesolace
Copper VeinOrgrimmar
Food CrateUldaman
Food CrateWetlands
Food CrateBadlands
Food CrateThe Hinterlands
Food CrateRedridge Mountains
Food CrateAzuremyst Isle
Food CrateAlterac Mountains
Food CrateStranglethorn Vale
Food CrateArathi Highlands
Food CrateBloodmyst Isle
Food CrateEversong Woods
Food CrateHillsbrad Foothills
Food CrateDun Morogh
Food CrateElwynn Forest
Food CrateAshenvale
Food CrateLoch Modan
Food CrateMulgore
Food CrateDuskwood
Food CrateDurotar
Food CrateTeldrassil
Food CrateDarkshore
Food CrateThe Barrens
Food CrateWestern Plaguelands
Food CrateThe Deadmines
Food CrateDustwallow Marsh
Food CrateTirisfal Glades
Food CrateWestfall
Food CrateSilverpine Forest
Food CrateStormwind City
Food CrateStonetalon Mountains
MageroyalRedridge Mountains
MageroyalBloodmyst Isle
MageroyalHillsbrad Foothills
MageroyalLoch Modan
MageroyalSilverpine Forest
MageroyalStonetalon Mountains
MageroyalThe Barrens
MageroyalWailing Caverns
Relic CofferBlackrock Depths
SilverleafAzuremyst Isle
SilverleafElwynn Forest
SilverleafLoch Modan
SilverleafBloodmyst Isle
SilverleafThunder Bluff
SilverleafEversong Woods
SilverleafDun Morogh
SilverleafSilverpine Forest
SilverleafTirisfal Glades
SilverleafThe Barrens
Tattered ChestAzuremyst Isle
Tattered ChestGhostlands
Tattered ChestArathi Highlands
Tattered ChestEversong Woods
Tattered ChestStonetalon Mountains
Tattered ChestHillsbrad Foothills
Tattered ChestBloodmyst Isle
Tattered ChestSilverpine Forest
Tattered ChestThe Barrens
The Sparklematic 5200Gnomeregan

This item is part of the following crafted items/recipes:

Item Recipe
Deepdive HelmetSchematic: Deepdive Helmet
Gnomish Universal RemoteSchematic: Gnomish Universal Remote

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