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Item Level: 10
 Stack size: 20

Vendor sell:
The following mobs drop this item:

Mob Level Area %
Dagun the Ravenous43Dustwallow Marsh14.29%
Elder Lake Creeper18 - 19Silverpine Forest5.97%
Eversong Green Keeper7 - 9Eversong Woods5.65%
Eversong Tender5 - 7Eversong Woods4.62%
Barbed Lasher44 - 45Maraudon4.55%
Lake Creeper17 - 18Silverpine Forest3.95%
Corrupted Treant11 - 13Bloodmyst Isle3.69%
Petrified Treant57 - 59Dire Maul3.57%
Shadethicket Moss Eater21 - 23Ashenvale2.97%
Corrupted Stomper16 - 18Bloodmyst Isle2.90%
Elder Timberling10 - 11Teldrassil2.40%
Deviate Shambler19 - 20Wailing Caverns2.34%
Deviate Shambler19 - 20Wailing Caverns2.34%
Timberling Mire Beast9 - 10Teldrassil2.15%
Charred Ancient25 - 26Stonetalon Mountains1.87%
Withered Green Keeper9 - 10Eversong Woods1.79%
Withered Green Keeper9 - 10Ghostlands1.79%
Bloodpetal Trapper52 - 53Un'Goro Crater1.77%
Withered Ancient26 - 27Ashenvale1.74%
Forsaken Herbalist18 - 19Ashenvale1.72%
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This item can be looted from:

Name Area
Battered ChestAshenvale
Battered ChestGhostlands
Battered ChestRedridge Mountains
Battered ChestDun Morogh
Battered ChestBloodmyst Isle
Battered ChestElwynn Forest
Battered ChestLoch Modan
Battered ChestTirisfal Glades
Battered ChestMulgore
Battered ChestWestfall
Battered ChestTeldrassil
Battered ChestDarkshore
Battered ChestSilverpine Forest
Battered ChestThe Barrens
Battered ChestDurotar
Battered ChestThe Deadmines
Battered ChestStonetalon Mountains
Festive GiftIronforge
Festive GiftOrgrimmar
Gaily Wrapped PresentIronforge
Gaily Wrapped PresentOrgrimmar
Large Battered ChestWailing Caverns
Large Battered ChestGhostlands
Large Solid ChestRazorfen Kraul
MageroyalRedridge Mountains
MageroyalBloodmyst Isle
MageroyalHillsbrad Foothills
MageroyalLoch Modan
MageroyalSilverpine Forest
MageroyalStonetalon Mountains
MageroyalThe Barrens
MageroyalWailing Caverns
Solid ChestBadlands
Solid ChestThousand Needles
Solid ChestSwamp of Sorrows
Solid ChestDuskwood
Solid ChestWetlands
Solid ChestAzshara
Solid ChestSearing Gorge
Solid ChestStranglethorn Vale
Solid ChestArathi Highlands
Solid ChestBurning Steppes
Solid ChestThe Hinterlands
Solid ChestRedridge Mountains
Solid ChestAshenvale
Solid ChestEastern Plaguelands
Solid ChestStonetalon Mountains
Solid ChestWinterspring
Solid ChestHillsbrad Foothills
Solid ChestAlterac Mountains
Solid ChestWestern Plaguelands
Solid ChestDustwallow Marsh
Solid ChestTanaris
Solid ChestThe Barrens
Solid ChestBlasted Lands
Solid ChestDesolace
Tattered ChestAzuremyst Isle
Tattered ChestGhostlands
Tattered ChestArathi Highlands
Tattered ChestEversong Woods
Tattered ChestStonetalon Mountains
Tattered ChestHillsbrad Foothills
Tattered ChestBloodmyst Isle
Tattered ChestSilverpine Forest
Tattered ChestThe Barrens

This item is sold by these vendors:

Vendor Area Amount
Antonio PerelliDuskwood Limited (1)
Antonio PerelliElwynn Forest Limited (1)
LharaElwynn Forest Limited (3)
Rathis TomberGhostlands Limited (2)
LharaMulgore Limited (3)
Antonio PerelliRedridge Mountains Limited (1)
MelarisSilvermoon City Limited (2)
JeedaStonetalon Mountains Limited (2)
Maria LumereStormwind City Limited (4)
Bernard GumpStormwind City Limited (2)
LharaTerokkar Forest Limited (3)
Hula'mahiThe Barrens Limited (2)
AltaaThe Exodar Limited (2)
MontarrThousand Needles Limited (2)
Selina WestonTirisfal Glades Limited (2)
Antonio PerelliWestfall Limited (1)
KixxleWetlands Limited (1)

This item is part of the following crafted items/recipes:

Item Recipe
Minor Magic Resistance PotionRecipe: Minor Magic Resistance Potion

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