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Solid Stone
Item Level: 35
 Stack size: 20

Vendor sell:
The following mobs drop this item:

Mob Level Area %
Desert Rumbler56 - 58Silithus108.06%
Cliff Giant49 - 50Feralas88.89%
Zapped Land Walker48 - 49Feralas80.00%
Desert Rager58 - 59Silithus75.00%
ThenanBossArathi Highlands69.23%
Stone Guardian60 - 6166.67%
Stone Guardian60 - 61Un'Goro Crater66.67%
Infernal Sentry50 - 53Felwood65.00%
Ambershard Crusher40 - 41Maraudon60.00%
Fam'retor Guardian45Badlands58.33%
War ReaverBossBurning Steppes54.71%
Cliff WalkerBossAzshara53.12%
Molten War Golem55 - 56Blackrock Depths52.38%
Demon Portal Guardian38Desolace50.00%
Land Walker48 - 49Feralas50.00%
Enraged Rock ElementalBossBadlands48.55%
Heavy War Golem47 - 49Searing Gorge48.14%
Cliff Thunderer53 - 54Azshara47.37%
Myzrael44Arathi Highlands46.67%
Tempered War Golem45 - 47Searing Gorge45.88%
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This item can be looted from:

Name Area
Fel Iron ChestZangarmarsh
Fel Iron ChestHellfire Peninsula
Fel Iron ChestTerokkar Forest
Felsteel ChestNagrand
Felsteel ChestShadowmoon Valley
Felsteel ChestNetherstorm
Mithril DepositBadlands
Mithril DepositThousand Needles
Mithril DepositAzshara
Mithril DepositArathi Highlands
Mithril DepositSearing Gorge
Mithril DepositEastern Plaguelands
Mithril DepositThe Hinterlands
Mithril DepositStranglethorn Vale
Mithril DepositFeralas
Mithril DepositStonetalon Mountains
Mithril DepositSilithus
Mithril DepositDesolace
Mithril DepositTanaris
Mithril DepositWinterspring
Mithril DepositWestern Plaguelands
Mithril DepositSwamp of Sorrows
Mithril DepositUn'Goro Crater
Mithril DepositAlterac Mountains
Mithril DepositMaraudon
Mithril DepositFelwood
Mithril DepositDustwallow Marsh
Mithril DepositBlasted Lands
Mithril DepositBurning Steppes
Mithril DepositUldaman
Ooze Covered Mithril DepositThousand Needles
Ooze Covered Mithril DepositFeralas
Solid ChestBadlands
Solid ChestThousand Needles
Solid ChestSwamp of Sorrows
Solid ChestDuskwood
Solid ChestWetlands
Solid ChestAzshara
Solid ChestSearing Gorge
Solid ChestStranglethorn Vale
Solid ChestArathi Highlands
Solid ChestBurning Steppes
Solid ChestThe Hinterlands
Solid ChestRedridge Mountains
Solid ChestAshenvale
Solid ChestEastern Plaguelands
Solid ChestStonetalon Mountains
Solid ChestWinterspring
Solid ChestHillsbrad Foothills
Solid ChestAlterac Mountains
Solid ChestWestern Plaguelands
Solid ChestDustwallow Marsh
Solid ChestTanaris
Solid ChestThe Barrens
Solid ChestBlasted Lands
Solid ChestDesolace
Thaurissan RelicBurning Steppes

Quest reward from:
[-1] Elune's Blessing

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