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Volatile Rum
Item Level: 1
 Stack size: 10
Use: A strong alcoholic beverage.

Vendor sell:
The following mobs drop this item:

Mob Level Area %
Southsea Pirate43 - 45Tanaris7.61%
Bloodsail Swashbuckler39 - 43Stranglethorn Vale7.23%
Bloodsail Swabby40 - 44Stranglethorn Vale6.59%
Southsea Freebooter43 - 45Tanaris6.58%
Fleet Master Firallon42 - 48Stranglethorn Vale6.25%
Bloodsail Warlock40 - 43Stranglethorn Vale6.24%
Southsea Dock Worker42 - 45Tanaris6.14%
Bloodsail MageBossStranglethorn Vale5.65%
Bloodsail RaiderBossStranglethorn Vale5.39%
Bloodsail Sea Dog41 - 45Stranglethorn Vale5.33%
Southsea Swashbuckler43 - 45Tanaris4.92%
Southsea Kidnapper45Tanaris4.76%
Bloodsail Elder Magus41 - 45Stranglethorn Vale4.60%
Bloodsail Deckhand41 - 44Stranglethorn Vale2.94%
Showing 14 results.

This item can be looted from:

Name Area
Solid ChestBadlands
Solid ChestThousand Needles
Solid ChestSwamp of Sorrows
Solid ChestDuskwood
Solid ChestWetlands
Solid ChestAzshara
Solid ChestSearing Gorge
Solid ChestStranglethorn Vale
Solid ChestArathi Highlands
Solid ChestBurning Steppes
Solid ChestThe Hinterlands
Solid ChestRedridge Mountains
Solid ChestAshenvale
Solid ChestEastern Plaguelands
Solid ChestStonetalon Mountains
Solid ChestWinterspring
Solid ChestHillsbrad Foothills
Solid ChestAlterac Mountains
Solid ChestWestern Plaguelands
Solid ChestDustwallow Marsh
Solid ChestTanaris
Solid ChestThe Barrens
Solid ChestBlasted Lands
Solid ChestDesolace

This item is part of the following crafted items/recipes:

Item Recipe
Goblin Rocket FuelRecipe: Goblin Rocket Fuel

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