Kalimdor Eastern Kingdoms Outland Instances


The Black Morass instance drops:
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Item From Mob (lvl) %
Badge of JusticeAeonus (72)16.67%
Badge of JusticeTemporus (72)12.20%
Badge of JusticeChrono Lord Deja (72)9.84%
Quantum BladeAeonus (72)8.33%
Girdle of Valorous DeedsAeonus (72)5.56%
Breeches of the OccultistAeonus (72)2.78%
Glowing TanzaniteAeonus (72)2.78%
Glowing TanzaniteTemporus (72)2.44%
Glimmering Fire OpalChrono Lord Deja (72)1.64%
Primal NetherAeonus (72)25.00%
Cowl of the GuiltlessAeonus (72)25.00%
Scarab of the Infinite CycleAeonus (72)22.22%
Pauldrons of the Crimson FlightAeonus (72)22.22%
Burnoose of Shifting AgesChrono Lord Deja (72)18.03%
Star-Heart LampTemporus (72)17.07%
Sun-Gilded ShouldercapsChrono Lord Deja (72)16.39%
Hourglass of the UnravellerTemporus (72)14.63%
Millennium BladeTemporus (72)12.20%
Melmorta's Twilight LongbowChrono Lord Deja (72)11.48%
Mantle of Three TerrorsChrono Lord Deja (72)11.48%
Moonglade PantsAeonus (72)11.11%