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Gruul's Lair instance drops:
Item From Mob (lvl) %
Pauldrons of the Fallen DefenderHigh King Maulgar156.76%
Badge of JusticeGruul the Dragonkiller103.45%
Badge of JusticeHigh King Maulgar102.70%
Leggings of the Fallen HeroGruul the Dragonkiller74.14%
Leggings of the Fallen ChampionGruul the Dragonkiller70.69%
Pauldrons of the Fallen ChampionHigh King Maulgar62.16%
Pauldrons of the Fallen HeroHigh King Maulgar54.05%
Leggings of the Fallen DefenderGruul the Dragonkiller53.45%
Maulgar's WarhelmHigh King Maulgar29.73%
Cowl of Nature's BreathGruul the Dragonkiller29.31%
Hammer of the NaaruHigh King Maulgar24.32%
Dragonspine TrophyGruul the Dragonkiller15.52%
Eye of GruulGruul the Dragonkiller13.79%
Bladespire WarbandsHigh King Maulgar13.51%
Gronn-Stitched GirdleGruul the Dragonkiller12.07%
Collar of Cho'gallGruul the Dragonkiller6.90%
Shuriken of NegationGruul the Dragonkiller6.90%
Gauntlets of the DragonslayerGruul the Dragonkiller6.90%
Brute Cloak of the Ogre-MagiHigh King Maulgar5.41%
Bloodmaw Magus-BladeGruul the Dragonkiller5.17%
Gauntlets of Martial PerfectionGruul the Dragonkiller5.17%
Aldori Legacy DefenderGruul the Dragonkiller3.45%
Axe of the Gronn LordsGruul the Dragonkiller1.72%
Windshear BootsGruul the Dragonkiller1.72%
Elementalist SkullcapGruul the Dragonkiller20.69%
Netherstorm ShoulderguardsLair Brute (72)18.18%
Warlord's SabatonsGronn-Priest (72)7.69%
Deepforge BroadaxeGronn-Priest (72)7.69%
Hellfire War SpearGronn-Priest (72)7.69%
Dragonhawk BeltLair Brute (72)4.55%
Lordly ScepterLair Brute (72)4.55%
Dragonhawk ShoulderguardsGruul the Dragonkiller1.72%
Netherweave ClothGronn-Priest (72)53.85%
Netherweave ClothLair Brute (72)40.91%
Earthen SignetGruul the Dragonkiller15.52%
Netherweave ClothHigh King Maulgar8.11%
Smoked Talbuk VenisonGruul the Dragonkiller5.17%
Corroded Mail PantsGronn-Priest (72)15.38%
Deteriorating BladeLair Brute (72)9.09%
Gruul's Lair instance legends
A: Entrance
1: High King Maulgar
Kiggler the Crazed (Shaman)
Blindeye the Seer (Priest)
Olm the Summoner (Warlock)
Krosh Firehand (Mage)
2: Gruul the Dragonkiller

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