Kalimdor Eastern Kingdoms Outland Instances


Karazhan instance drops:
Item From Mob (lvl) %
Badge of JusticeThe Big Bad Wolf183.33%
Badge of JusticeNightbane173.33%
Badge of JusticeTerestian Illhoof159.18%
Badge of JusticeNetherspite153.49%
Badge of JusticeThe Crone150.00%
Badge of JusticeMaiden of Virtue147.54%
Badge of JusticeMoroes146.48%
Badge of JusticeThe Curator145.16%
Badge of JusticeShade of Aran135.59%
Badge of JusticePrince Malchezaar129.55%
Badge of JusticeJulianne77.78%
Badge of JusticeRomulo70.00%
Badge of JusticeAttumen the Huntsman68.35%
Badge of JusticeAttumen the Huntsman68.35%
Helm of the Fallen DefenderPrince Malchezaar44.32%
Gloves of the Fallen DefenderThe Curator41.94%
Eternium GreathelmThe Big Bad Wolf41.67%
Beastmaw PauldronsRomulo40.00%
Wolfslayer Sniper RifleThe Big Bad Wolf33.33%
Big Bad Wolf's HeadThe Big Bad Wolf33.33%
Wicked Witch's HatThe Crone30.00%
Blue Diamond WitchwandThe Crone30.00%
Gloves of the Fallen ChampionThe Curator29.03%
Girdle of the ProwlerTerestian Illhoof28.57%
Mithril Band of the UnscarredNetherspite27.91%
Bands of Nefarious DeedsMaiden of Virtue27.87%
Mitts of the TreemenderMaiden of Virtue27.87%
Gloves of Saintly BlessingsAttumen the Huntsman27.85%
Gloves of Saintly BlessingsAttumen the Huntsman27.85%
Masquerade GownJulianne27.78%
Wrynn Dynasty GreavesThe Curator27.42%
Shadowvine Cloak of InfusionTerestian Illhoof26.53%
Mender's Heart-RingTerestian Illhoof26.53%
Helm of the Fallen ChampionPrince Malchezaar25.00%
Red Riding Hood's CloakThe Big Bad Wolf25.00%
Ruby SlippersThe Crone25.00%
Ribbon of SacrificeThe Crone25.00%
Gloves of the Fallen HeroThe Curator24.19%
Mantle of the Mind FlayerShade of Aran23.73%
Shining Chain of the AfterworldNetherspite23.26%
Uni-Mind HeaddressNetherspite23.26%
Bracers of the White StagAttumen the Huntsman22.78%
Bracers of the White StagAttumen the Huntsman22.78%
Romulo's Poison VialJulianne22.22%
Panzar'Thar BreastplateNightbane22.22%
Aran's Soothing SapphireShade of Aran22.03%
Ruby Drape of the MysticantPrince Malchezaar21.59%
Totem of Healing RainsMaiden of Virtue21.31%
Staff of Infinite MysteriesThe Curator20.97%
Earthblood ChestguardNetherspite20.93%
Boots of the IncorruptShade of Aran20.34%
Chestguard of the ConniverNightbane20.00%
Emberspur TalismanNightbane20.00%
Ribbon of SacrificeRomulo20.00%
Edgewalker LongbootsMoroes19.72%
Idol of the Avian HeartMoroes19.72%
Forest Wind ShoulderpadsThe Curator19.35%
Adornment of Stolen SoulsPrince Malchezaar19.32%
Light's JusticePrince Malchezaar19.32%
Drape of the Dark ReaversShade of Aran18.64%
Breastplate of the LightbinderTerestian Illhoof18.37%
Signet of Unshakable FaithMoroes18.31%
Sunfury Bow of the PhoenixPrince Malchezaar18.18%
Barbed Choker of DisciplineMaiden of Virtue18.03%
Dragonheart FlameshieldNightbane17.78%
Nethershard GirdleMoroes16.90%
Blade of the UnrequitedJulianne16.67%
Ribbon of SacrificeThe Big Bad Wolf16.67%
Earthsoul LeggingsThe Big Bad Wolf16.67%
Trial-Fire TrousersThe Big Bad Wolf16.67%
Steelhawk CrossbowAttumen the Huntsman16.46%
Gauntlets of Renewed HopeAttumen the Huntsman16.46%
Steelhawk CrossbowAttumen the Huntsman16.46%
Gauntlets of Renewed HopeAttumen the Huntsman16.46%
Bracers of MaliciousnessMaiden of Virtue16.39%
Boots of ForetellingMaiden of Virtue16.39%
Iron Gauntlets of the MaidenMaiden of Virtue16.39%
Skulker's GreavesNetherspite16.28%
Helm of the Fallen HeroPrince Malchezaar15.91%
Scaled Breastplate of CarnageNightbane15.56%
Stonebough JerkinNightbane15.56%
Nightstaff of the EverlivingNightbane15.56%
Ironstriders of UrgencyNightbane15.56%
Earthsoul LeggingsRomulo15.00%
Libram of Souls RedeemedRomulo15.00%
LegacyThe Crone15.00%
Libram of Souls RedeemedThe Crone15.00%
Eternium GreathelmThe Crone15.00%
Trial-Fire TrousersThe Crone15.00%
The DecapitatorPrince Malchezaar14.77%
Garona's Signet RingThe Curator14.52%
Terestian's StranglestaffTerestian Illhoof14.29%
Xavian StilettoTerestian Illhoof14.29%
Gilded Thorium CloakTerestian Illhoof14.29%
Moroes' Lucky Pocket WatchMoroes14.08%
Crimson Girdle of the IndomitableMoroes14.08%
Shadow-Cloak of DalaranMoroes14.08%
Girdle of TruthNetherspite13.95%
Jewel of Infinite PossibilitiesNetherspite13.95%
Harbinger BandsAttumen the Huntsman13.92%
Spectral Band of InnervationAttumen the Huntsman13.92%
Harbinger BandsAttumen the Huntsman13.92%
Spectral Band of InnervationAttumen the Huntsman13.92%
Pendant of the Violet EyeShade of Aran13.56%
Gloves of CenteringMaiden of Virtue13.11%
Pattern: Soulcloth VestPhantom Valet (72)12.90%
Royal Cloak of Arathi KingsMoroes12.68%
Cord of Nature's SustenanceTerestian Illhoof12.24%
Pauldrons of the Justice-SeekerShade of Aran11.86%
Rapscallion BootsShade of Aran11.86%
Pantaloons of RepentanceNetherspite11.63%
Bracers of JusticeMaiden of Virtue11.48%
GorehowlPrince Malchezaar11.36%
Ring of a Thousand MarksPrince Malchezaar10.23%
Jade Ring of the EverlivingPrince Malchezaar10.23%
Malefic GirdleTerestian Illhoof10.20%
Fool's BaneTerestian Illhoof10.20%
Tirisfal Wand of AscendancyShade of Aran10.17%
Stalker's War BandsAttumen the Huntsman10.13%
Handwraps of Flowing ThoughtAttumen the Huntsman10.13%
Stalker's War BandsAttumen the Huntsman10.13%
Handwraps of Flowing ThoughtAttumen the Huntsman10.13%
Beastmaw PauldronsThe Crone10.00%
Earthsoul LeggingsThe Crone10.00%
Brooch of Unquenchable FuryMoroes9.86%
Belt of Gale ForceMoroes9.86%
Cowl of DefianceNetherspite9.30%
Rip-Flayer LeggingsNetherspite9.30%
Mantle of AbrahmisNetherspite9.30%
Shield of Impenetrable DarknessNightbane8.89%
Ferocious Swift-KickersNightbane8.89%
Steelspine FaceguardShade of Aran8.47%
Big Bad Wolf's PawThe Big Bad Wolf8.33%
Beastmaw PauldronsThe Big Bad Wolf8.33%
Bands of IndwellingMaiden of Virtue8.20%
Gloves of QuickeningMaiden of Virtue8.20%
Shard of the VirtuousMaiden of Virtue8.20%
The Lightning CapacitorTerestian Illhoof8.16%
MalchazeenPrince Malchezaar7.95%
Drape of the RighteousArcane Protector (72)7.89%
Emerald RipperMoroes7.04%
Boots of the Infernal CovenShade of Aran6.78%
Saberclaw TalismanShade of Aran6.78%
Talisman of NightbaneNightbane6.67%
Vambraces of CourageAttumen the Huntsman6.33%
Gloves of Dexterous ManipulationAttumen the Huntsman6.33%
Worgen Claw NecklaceAttumen the Huntsman6.33%
Vambraces of CourageAttumen the Huntsman6.33%
Gloves of Dexterous ManipulationAttumen the Huntsman6.33%
Worgen Claw NecklaceAttumen the Huntsman6.33%
Farstrider WildercloakPrince Malchezaar5.68%
Boots of ValianceMoroes5.63%
Shermanar Great-RingShade of Aran5.08%
Whirlwind BracersAttumen the Huntsman5.06%
Whirlwind BracersAttumen the Huntsman5.06%
Trial-Fire TrousersRomulo5.00%
Dragon-Quake ShoulderguardsThe Curator4.84%
Stainless Cloak of the Pure HeartedPrince Malchezaar4.55%
Robe of the Elder ScribesNightbane4.44%
Void CrystalMoroes4.23%
Cincture of WillTerestian Illhoof4.08%
Grips of DeftnessGhastly Haunt (72)3.45%
Zierhut's Lost TreadsSkeletal Waiter (71)3.33%
Ritssyn's Lost PendantWanton Hostess (71)3.33%
Zierhut's Lost TreadsHomunculus (70)2.82%
Inferno Waist CordMagical Horror (71)2.78%
Zierhut's Lost TreadsArcane Protector (72)2.63%
Grips of DeftnessShadow Pillager (72)2.50%
Drape of the RighteousFleshbeast (72)2.44%
Grasp of the DeadMana Warp (70)2.35%
Pants of Living GrowthSpectral Servant (70)2.04%
Ritssyn's Lost PendantGhostly Steward (71)1.75%
Grasp of the DeadSpectral Performer (71)1.61%
Zierhut's Lost TreadsSpectral Performer (71)1.61%
Pauldrons of the Solace-GiverThe Curator1.61%
Grips of DeftnessMana Feeder (70)1.55%
Grips of DeftnessHomunculus (70)1.41%
Ring of Unrelenting StormsHomunculus (70)1.41%
Ring of Unrelenting StormsArcane Protector (72)1.32%
Nathrezim MindbladePrince Malchezaar1.14%
Boots of ElusionSpell Shade (71)0.99%
Grips of DeftnessSpectral Stallion (71)0.88%
Drape of the RighteousSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Grasp of the DeadSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Belt of the TrackerPhantom Guest (70)0.42%
Inferno Waist CordSyphoner (70)0.31%
Zierhut's Lost TreadsSyphoner (70)0.31%
Boots of ElusionPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Drape of the RighteousPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Grips of DeftnessPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Inferno Waist CordPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Formula: Enchant Weapon - MongooseMoroes5.63%
Schematic: Stabilized Eternium ScopeAttumen the Huntsman5.06%
Schematic: Stabilized Eternium ScopeAttumen the Huntsman5.06%
Large Prismatic ShardGreater Fleshbeast (72)4.76%
Six of FuriesTerestian Illhoof4.08%
Codex: Prayer of Fortitude IIISpectral Apprentice (70)4.00%
Tome of Arcane Brilliance 2Ghostly Philanthropist (72)3.85%
Ced's CarverArcane Watchman (72)3.70%
Tome of Conjure Food VIIISpectral Patron (70)2.78%
Valanos' LongbowPhantom Guardsman (71)2.08%
The Bringer of DeathPhantom Guardsman (71)2.08%
Book: Gift of the Wild IIISpectral Servant (70)2.04%
Tome of Conjure Food VIIISpectral Servant (70)2.04%
Formula: Enchant Weapon - SoulfrostTerestian Illhoof2.04%
Eight of BlessingsGhostly Steward (71)1.75%
Legguards of the Shattered HandSpectral Charger (71)1.23%
Draenei Honor Guard ShieldSpectral Servant (70)1.02%
Pauldrons of Surging ManaMana Feeder (70)0.78%
Codex: Prayer of Fortitude IIISyphoner (70)0.62%
Eight of StormsPhantom Guest (70)0.42%
The OathkeeperSyphoner (70)0.31%
Tome of Conjure Water IXPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Eight of BlessingsPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Netherstorm ChestpieceSpectral Retainer (72)50.00%
Shadow Council GlovesShadowbat (70)37.50%
Archmage BeltDreadbeast (71)25.00%
Shadow DraeniteColdmist Widow (71)14.29%
Shattered Hand EpauletsColdmist Widow (71)14.29%
Clefthoof BeltShadowbat (70)12.50%
Elementalist BraceletsMagical Horror (71)11.11%
Talhide Lined-BootsGhastly Haunt (72)10.34%
Dragonhawk ShoulderguardsFleshbeast (72)9.76%
Eldr'naan ShoulderpadsChaotic Sentience (71)9.09%
Eldr'naan BraceletsChaotic Sentience (71)9.09%
Amber CapePhantom Attendant (71)8.70%
Shattered Hand SabatonsSorcerous Shade (72)7.69%
Almandine RingSorcerous Shade (72)7.69%
Archmage BraceletsGhastly Haunt (72)6.90%
Archmage RobeTrapped Soul (72)6.90%
Dragonscale WandPhantom Valet (72)6.45%
Murkblood ShoulderguardsNight Mistress (71)6.25%
Netherstorm ShoulderguardsNight Mistress (71)6.25%
WarpdaggerNight Mistress (71)6.25%
Nethersteel ClaymoreConcubine (71)5.88%
Warlord's Iron-VambracesJulianne5.56%
Murkblood BracersGhostly Steward (71)5.26%
Pumpkin BagSpectral Sentry (71)5.26%
Sodalite BandSpectral Stable Hand (70)5.22%
Lordly ScepterSkeletal Waiter (71)5.00%
Amber BandSkeletal Usher (72)4.92%
Greater Planar EssenceGreater Fleshbeast (72)4.76%
Bloodfist GirdleNetherspite4.65%
Elementalist SkullcapPhantom Stagehand (71)4.65%
Fel RipperPhantom Stagehand (71)4.65%
Draenethyst WandPhantom Stagehand (71)4.65%
Epidote Stone NecklaceSpell Shade (71)4.48%
Expedition GirdlePhantom Attendant (71)4.35%
Elementalist LeggingsPhantom Guardsman (71)4.17%
Knight's War HammerPhantom Guardsman (71)4.17%
Shattered Hand BeltTerestian Illhoof4.08%
Murkblood BeltSpectral Apprentice (70)4.00%
Murkblood CoverSpectral Apprentice (70)4.00%
Expedition TunicSpectral Apprentice (70)4.00%
Skettis LegguardsSpectral Apprentice (70)4.00%
Bloodfist LegplatesSpectral Apprentice (70)4.00%
Dragonhawk HatArcane Protector (72)3.95%
Elementalist TunicGhostly Philanthropist (72)3.85%
Anvilmar HammerGhostly Philanthropist (72)3.85%
Razor ScythesGhostly Philanthropist (72)3.85%
Dragonhawk BandsSorcerous Shade (72)3.85%
Dragonscale WandSorcerous Shade (72)3.85%
Archmage HeadpieceArcane Watchman (72)3.70%
Archmage MantleArcane Watchman (72)3.70%
Elementalist TunicArcane Watchman (72)3.70%
Dragonhawk GlovesArcane Watchman (72)3.70%
Dragonscale WandArcane Watchman (72)3.70%
Thunder SpikeGhostly Steward (71)3.51%
Elementalist MantleGhastly Haunt (72)3.45%
Dragonhawk TunicGhastly Haunt (72)3.45%
Shattered Hand BreastplateTrapped Soul (72)3.45%
Talhide Lined-LeggingsArcane Anomaly (71)3.39%
Shattered Hand HelmetArcane Anomaly (71)3.39%
Tanzanite PendantEthereal Thief (72)3.33%
Eldr'naan JerkinSkeletal Waiter (71)3.33%
Conqueror's HelmetSkeletal Waiter (71)3.33%
Archmage BraceletsSkeletal Usher (72)3.28%
Big-Boar Battle RifleSkeletal Usher (72)3.28%
Archmage BeltPhantom Valet (72)3.23%
Expedition TunicPhantom Valet (72)3.23%
Archmage RobeSpectral Performer (71)3.23%
Elementalist TunicSpectral Performer (71)3.23%
Warlord's Iron-LegplatesSpectral Performer (71)3.23%
Dragonhawk BootsThe Curator3.23%
Archmage BraceletsEthereal Spellfilcher (72)2.94%
Elementalist BeltEthereal Spellfilcher (72)2.94%
Elementalist SkullcapEthereal Spellfilcher (72)2.94%
Thunder SpikeHomunculus (70)2.82%
Expedition HoodMagical Horror (71)2.78%
Dragonhawk BeltMagical Horror (71)2.78%
Dragonhawk BootsMagical Horror (71)2.78%
Sundered WaistbandMagical Horror (71)2.78%
Sundered LegguardsMagical Horror (71)2.78%
Blood Groove BladeSpectral Patron (70)2.78%
Archmage PantsSpectral Stable Hand (70)2.61%
Elementalist TunicAttumen the Huntsman2.53%
Elementalist TunicAttumen the Huntsman2.53%
Archmage BeltShadow Pillager (72)2.50%
Warlord's Iron-GirdleShadow Pillager (72)2.50%
Warlord's Iron-EpauletsShadow Pillager (72)2.50%
Amber BandShadow Pillager (72)2.50%
Thunder SpikeShadow Pillager (72)2.50%
Murkblood BootsSpectral Charger (71)2.47%
Warlord's Iron-LegplatesSpectral Charger (71)2.47%
Boneshredder BeltSyphoner (70)2.46%
Ascendant's ScepterFleshbeast (72)2.44%
Eldr'naan GlovesMana Warp (70)2.35%
Archmage GlovesMana Warp (70)2.35%
Flame SpessariteMana Feeder (70)2.33%
Murkblood CapeNetherspite2.33%
Windcaller HatchetNetherspite2.33%
Sundered GauntletsPhantom Stagehand (71)2.33%
Netherstorm ShoulderguardsPhantom Stagehand (71)2.33%
Tuurik TorchPhantom Stagehand (71)2.33%
Deepforge BroadaxePhantom Stagehand (71)2.33%
Ascendant's ScepterPhantom Stagehand (71)2.33%
Dragonscale ShieldPrince Malchezaar2.27%
Warlord's Iron-BreastplateNightbane2.22%
Elementalist TunicPhantom Guardsman (71)2.08%
Murkblood CoverPhantom Guardsman (71)2.08%
Talhide Lined-GlovesPhantom Guardsman (71)2.08%
Conqueror's EpauletsPhantom Guardsman (71)2.08%
Talhide Lined-BracersSpectral Servant (70)2.04%
Shadow Council GlovesTerestian Illhoof2.04%
Boneshredder SkullcapTerestian Illhoof2.04%
Archmage MantleGhostly Steward (71)1.75%
Dragonhawk GlovesGhostly Steward (71)1.75%
Rockbiter CutterGhostly Steward (71)1.75%
Eldr'naan HoodSpectral Stallion (71)1.75%
Talhide Lined-LeggingsSpectral Stallion (71)1.75%
Almandine RingSpectral Stallion (71)1.75%
Schematic: Purple Smoke FlareSpectral Stallion (71)1.75%
Expedition GlovesSpectral Stable Hand (70)1.74%
Expedition BootsArcane Anomaly (71)1.69%
Talhide ChestpieceArcane Anomaly (71)1.69%
Archmage SlippersEthereal Thief (72)1.67%
Archmage HeadpieceEthereal Thief (72)1.67%
Elementalist LeggingsEthereal Thief (72)1.67%
Elementalist MantleEthereal Thief (72)1.67%
Talhide Lined-BootsEthereal Thief (72)1.67%
Amber BandEthereal Thief (72)1.67%
Iron Skull SwordEthereal Thief (72)1.67%
WarpdaggerEthereal Thief (72)1.67%
Golden DraeniteSkeletal Waiter (71)1.67%
Murkblood CoverSkeletal Waiter (71)1.67%
Dragonhawk TunicSkeletal Waiter (71)1.67%
Sundered HelmetSkeletal Waiter (71)1.67%
Zeth'Gor ShieldSkeletal Waiter (71)1.67%
Elementalist SkullcapMaiden of Virtue1.64%
Archmage GlovesSkeletal Usher (72)1.64%
Coral BeadsSkeletal Usher (72)1.64%
Fel Orc Brute SwordSkeletal Usher (72)1.64%
Dragonscale WandSkeletal Usher (72)1.64%
Eldr'naan BraceletsSpectral Performer (71)1.61%
Elementalist BootsSpectral Performer (71)1.61%
Sundered FootwrapsSpectral Performer (71)1.61%
Netherstorm HelmSpectral Performer (71)1.61%
Netherstorm BracerSpectral Performer (71)1.61%
Shadow DaggerSpectral Performer (71)1.61%
Warlord's Iron-VambracesThe Curator1.61%
Murkblood PantsMana Feeder (70)1.55%
Shattered Hand BeltMana Feeder (70)1.55%
Amani TomahawkMana Feeder (70)1.55%
Mechano-WandMana Feeder (70)1.55%
Archmage HeadpieceSpell Shade (71)1.49%
Murkblood GlovesHomunculus (70)1.41%
Almandine RingHomunculus (70)1.41%
Hellfire War SpearHomunculus (70)1.41%
Khorium LockboxHomunculus (70)1.41%
Blood GarnetSpectral Patron (70)1.39%
Expedition BootsSpectral Patron (70)1.39%
Skettis ChestpieceSpectral Patron (70)1.39%
Sundered WaistbandSpectral Patron (70)1.39%
Bloodfist EpauletsSpectral Patron (70)1.39%
Epidote Stone NecklaceSpectral Patron (70)1.39%
Amani TomahawkSpectral Patron (70)1.39%
Recipe: Destruction PotionArcane Protector (72)1.32%
Archmage MantleArcane Protector (72)1.32%
Talhide Lined-BootsArcane Protector (72)1.32%
Netherstorm HelmArcane Protector (72)1.32%
Almandine RingArcane Protector (72)1.32%
Elementalist LeggingsAttumen the Huntsman1.27%
Elementalist LeggingsAttumen the Huntsman1.27%
Blood GarnetSpectral Charger (71)1.23%
Expedition PantsSpectral Charger (71)1.23%
Dragonhawk BeltSpectral Charger (71)1.23%
Shattered Hand BeltSpectral Charger (71)1.23%
Alexandrite RingSpectral Charger (71)1.23%
Dragonscale ShieldSpectral Charger (71)1.23%
Talhide Lined-LeggingsSyphoner (70)1.23%
Bloodfist LegplatesSyphoner (70)1.23%
Eldr'naan JerkinMana Warp (70)1.18%
Expedition GirdleMana Warp (70)1.18%
Expedition GlovesMana Warp (70)1.18%
Permafrost DaggerMana Warp (70)1.18%
Queen's InsigniaMana Warp (70)1.18%
Deep PeridotSpectral Servant (70)1.02%
Skettis LegguardsSpectral Servant (70)1.02%
Bloodfist LegplatesSpectral Servant (70)1.02%
Nether CloakSpectral Servant (70)1.02%
Sodalite BandSpectral Servant (70)1.02%
Khorium LockboxSpectral Servant (70)1.02%
Sundered SpauldersSpell Shade (71)0.99%
Algaz Battle HammerSpell Shade (71)0.99%
WarpdaggerSpell Shade (71)0.99%
Blood GarnetSyphoner (70)0.92%
Tortured BracerSyphoner (70)0.92%
Talhide ShoulderguardsSyphoner (70)0.92%
Smouldering ShieldSyphoner (70)0.92%
Elementalist BootsSpectral Stallion (71)0.88%
Elementalist MantleSpectral Stallion (71)0.88%
Expedition PantsSpectral Stallion (71)0.88%
Dragonhawk BootsSpectral Stallion (71)0.88%
Conqueror's EpauletsSpectral Stallion (71)0.88%
Shattered Hand BeltSpectral Stallion (71)0.88%
Big-Boar Battle RifleSpectral Stallion (71)0.88%
Shadow Council ChainSpectral Stable Hand (70)0.87%
Eldr'naan BraceletsSpectral Stable Hand (70)0.87%
Conqueror's EpauletsSpectral Stable Hand (70)0.87%
Elementalist StarSpectral Stable Hand (70)0.87%
Draenethyst WandSpectral Stable Hand (70)0.87%
Divine HammerSpectral Stable Hand (70)0.87%
Archmage SlippersPhantom Guest (70)0.83%
Golden DraeniteMana Feeder (70)0.78%
Shadow Council TunicMana Feeder (70)0.78%
Eldr'naan BeltMana Feeder (70)0.78%
Archmage HeadpieceMana Feeder (70)0.78%
Sundered GauntletsMana Feeder (70)0.78%
Talhide Lined-LeggingsMana Feeder (70)0.78%
Ambusher's CloakMana Feeder (70)0.78%
Thunder SpikeMana Feeder (70)0.78%
Boneshredder ShoulderguardsPhantom Guest (70)0.73%
Shadow Council BracerSyphoner (70)0.62%
Boneshredder BritchesSyphoner (70)0.62%
Sundered GauntletsSyphoner (70)0.62%
Almandine RingSyphoner (70)0.62%
Crystal-Etched WarstaffSyphoner (70)0.62%
Diamond Tipped ClawsSyphoner (70)0.62%
Divine HammerSyphoner (70)0.62%
Alexandrite RingPhantom Guest (70)0.52%
Khorium LockboxPhantom Guest (70)0.52%
Eldr'naan GlovesSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Murkblood CoverSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Murkblood ShoulderguardsSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Expedition GlovesSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Expedition ShoulderguardsSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Dragonhawk BootsSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Sundered HelmetSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Shattered Hand GauntletsSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Shattered Hand LegplatesSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Warlord's Iron-GirdleSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Warlord's Iron-BreastplateSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Warlord's Iron-HelmSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Tanzanite PendantSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Slavemaster AxeSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Divine HammerSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Golden DraenitePhantom Guest (70)0.42%
Shadow Council ChainPhantom Guest (70)0.42%
Boneshredder BootsPhantom Guest (70)0.42%
Bloodfist GreavesPhantom Guest (70)0.42%
Fel RipperPhantom Guest (70)0.42%
Eldr'naan BeltPhantom Guest (70)0.31%
Archmage PantsPhantom Guest (70)0.31%
Sundered ChestpiecePhantom Guest (70)0.31%
Murkblood CapePhantom Guest (70)0.31%
Sodalite BandPhantom Guest (70)0.31%
Almandine RingPhantom Guest (70)0.31%
Feral Warp-StaffPhantom Guest (70)0.31%
Shadow Council BootsSyphoner (70)0.31%
Shadow Council PantsSyphoner (70)0.31%
Eldr'naan JerkinSyphoner (70)0.31%
Archmage RobeSyphoner (70)0.31%
Archmage HeadpieceSyphoner (70)0.31%
Boneshredder JerkinSyphoner (70)0.31%
Boneshredder GlovesSyphoner (70)0.31%
Boneshredder SkullcapSyphoner (70)0.31%
Murkblood BootsSyphoner (70)0.31%
Expedition TunicSyphoner (70)0.31%
Skettis BeltSyphoner (70)0.31%
Skettis BracerSyphoner (70)0.31%
Sundered ChestpieceSyphoner (70)0.31%
Shattered Hand BeltSyphoner (70)0.31%
Sodalite BandSyphoner (70)0.31%
Kunzite NecklaceSyphoner (70)0.31%
Zeth'Gor ShieldSyphoner (70)0.31%
Ceremonial Slayer's AxeSyphoner (70)0.31%
Well-Balanced CrossbowSyphoner (70)0.31%
Thunder SpikeSyphoner (70)0.31%
Blood GarnetPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Shadow Council CowlPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Archmage BeltPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Boneshredder JerkinPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Murkblood GlovesPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Murkblood CoverPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Murkblood PantsPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Expedition HoodPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Skettis SpauldersPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Sundered GauntletsPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Talhide Lined-BootsPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Talhide ChestpiecePhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Bloodfist GlovesPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Bloodfist HelmetPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Bloodfist VambracesPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Conqueror's GreavesPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Shattered Hand LegplatesPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Draenethyst WandPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Shadow DaggerPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Divine HammerPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Lordly ScepterPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Greater Planar EssencePhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Deep PeridotPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Azure MoonstonePhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Design: Stormy Azure MoonstonePhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Schematic: Crashin' Thrashin' RobotPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Shadow Council BootsPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Shadow Council GlovesPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Shadow Council BracerPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Eldr'naan JerkinPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Eldr'naan ShoulderpadsPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Archmage HeadpiecePhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Boneshredder SkullcapPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Murkblood BootsPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Murkblood ChestpiecePhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Expedition GlovesPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Expedition ShoulderguardsPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Skettis HelmetPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Sundered FootwrapsPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Tortured BracerPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Talhide Lined-GlovesPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Talhide Lined-LeggingsPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Talhide Lined-BracersPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Conqueror's BreastplatePhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Conqueror's GauntletsPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Conqueror's VambracesPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Shattered Hand BeltPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Shattered Hand BreastplatePhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Shattered Hand EpauletsPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Shattered Hand VambracesPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Kunzite NecklacePhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Zeth'Gor ShieldPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Blood Groove BladePhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Boneshredder ClawsPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Mechano-WandPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Dragonscale WandPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Permafrost DaggerPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Queen's InsigniaPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Netherweave ClothSpectral Sentry (71)121.05%
Mote of ShadowConcubine (71)105.88%
Netherweave ClothConcubine (71)100.00%
Soul EssenceSpectral Retainer (72)100.00%
Evil Bat EyeVampiric Shadowbat (71)100.00%
Mote of ManaMana Feeder (70)99.22%
Mote of ManaMana Warp (70)84.71%
Mote of ManaMagical Horror (71)77.78%
Mote of ManaArcane Anomaly (71)76.27%
Netherweave ClothSpectral Performer (71)75.81%
Mote of ManaChaotic Sentience (71)72.73%
Netherweave ClothSpectral Servant (70)70.41%
Netherweave ClothPhantom Stagehand (71)69.77%
Netherweave ClothPhantom Valet (72)67.74%
Netherweave ClothGhostly Philanthropist (72)65.38%
Mote of ManaSyphoner (70)63.38%
Soul EssenceSorcerous Shade (72)57.69%
Netherweb Spider SilkColdmist Widow (71)57.14%
Netherweave ClothSpectral Patron (70)56.94%
Netherweave ClothPhantom Guardsman (71)56.25%
Netherweave ClothGhostly Steward (71)54.39%
Netherweave ClothEthereal Thief (72)53.33%
Netherweave ClothPhantom Guest (70)52.49%
Soul EssenceSpectral Stallion (71)50.88%
Netherweave ClothSpectral Stable Hand (70)50.43%
Soul EssenceSpectral Stable Hand (70)50.43%
Netherweave ClothEthereal Spellfilcher (72)50.00%
Evil Bat EyeGreater Shadowbat (71)50.00%
Netherweave ClothSpectral Retainer (72)50.00%
Netherweave ClothHomunculus (70)49.30%
Soul EssencePhantom Stagehand (71)48.84%
Netherweave ClothWanton Hostess (71)46.67%
Netherweave ClothSkeletal Waiter (71)45.00%
Soul EssenceSpell Shade (71)44.28%
Soul EssenceGhostly Steward (71)43.86%
Netherweave ClothPhantom Attendant (71)43.48%
Netherweave ClothGhastly Haunt (72)41.38%
Netherweave ClothSkeletal Usher (72)40.98%
Soul EssenceSpectral Apprentice (70)40.00%
Soul EssenceSpectral Servant (70)39.80%
Mote of ShadowHomunculus (70)39.44%
Soul EssencePhantom Valet (72)38.71%
Netherweave ClothTrapped Soul (72)37.93%
Netherweave ClothShadow Pillager (72)37.50%
Soul EssencePhantom Attendant (71)34.78%
Soul EssenceTrapped Soul (72)34.48%
Netherweb Spider SilkColdmist Stalker (70)33.33%
Purified Draenic WaterSpectral Sentry (71)31.58%
Soul EssenceGhostly Philanthropist (72)30.77%
Soul EssenceWanton Hostess (71)30.00%
Soul EssencePhantom Guardsman (71)29.17%
Soul EssenceSpectral Charger (71)25.93%
Netherweave ClothNight Mistress (71)25.00%
Super Healing PotionSpectral Retainer (72)25.00%
Purified Draenic WaterSpectral Retainer (72)25.00%
Netherweave ClothSpectral Apprentice (70)24.00%
Netherweave ClothThe Curator22.58%
Soul EssenceGhastly Haunt (72)20.69%
Netherweave ClothMaiden of Virtue19.67%
Arcane DustGreater Fleshbeast (72)19.05%
Arcane DustMoroes18.31%
Soul EssenceSpectral Performer (71)17.74%
Soul EssenceSpectral Sentry (71)15.79%
Blazing SignetNightbane15.56%
Medivh's JournalShade of Aran15.25%
Netherweave ClothRomulo15.00%
Netherweave ClothThe Crone15.00%
Soul EssenceShade of Aran10.17%
Soul EssenceSpectral Patron (70)9.72%
Legacy of the Mountain KingChaotic Sentience (71)9.09%
Smoked Talbuk VenisonPhantom Guardsman (71)8.33%
Mag'har GrainbreadSpectral Performer (71)8.06%
Mag'har GrainbreadSpectral Apprentice (70)8.00%
Mag'har GrainbreadGhostly Philanthropist (72)7.69%
Mag'har GrainbreadSpectral Stable Hand (70)6.96%
Purified Draenic WaterGhastly Haunt (72)6.90%
Zangar CapsSkeletal Waiter (71)6.67%
Smoked Talbuk VenisonWanton Hostess (71)6.67%
Soul EssencePhantom Guest (70)6.55%
Purified Draenic WaterEthereal Spellfilcher (72)5.88%
Netherweave ClothPrince Malchezaar5.68%
Mag'har GrainbreadPhantom Guest (70)5.51%
Netherweave ClothShade of Aran5.08%
Mag'har GrainbreadShade of Aran5.08%
Super Mana PotionShadow Pillager (72)5.00%
Purified Draenic WaterSkeletal Waiter (71)5.00%
Zangar CapsSkeletal Usher (72)4.92%
Purified Draenic WaterSpectral Performer (71)4.84%
Super Healing PotionPhantom Attendant (71)4.35%
Smoked Talbuk VenisonSpectral Patron (70)4.17%
Mag'har GrainbreadSpectral Servant (70)4.08%
Torment of the WorgenArcane Watchman (72)3.70%
Purified Draenic WaterSpectral Stable Hand (70)3.48%
Zangar CapsTrapped Soul (72)3.45%
Purified Draenic WaterTrapped Soul (72)3.45%
Mote of ShadowPrince Malchezaar3.41%
Purified Draenic WaterWanton Hostess (71)3.33%
Purified Draenic WaterSkeletal Usher (72)3.28%
Super Healing PotionPhantom Valet (72)3.23%
Scroll of Stamina VPhantom Valet (72)3.23%
Purified Draenic WaterPhantom Guest (70)3.01%
Redemption of the FallenEthereal Spellfilcher (72)2.94%
Smoked Talbuk VenisonEthereal Spellfilcher (72)2.94%
Netherweave ClothMoroes2.82%
Super Healing PotionSpectral Patron (70)2.78%
Scroll of Strength VShadow Pillager (72)2.50%
Purified Draenic WaterShadow Pillager (72)2.50%
Nether DragonscalesNetherspite2.33%
Mag'har GrainbreadPhantom Stagehand (71)2.33%
Super Healing PotionSpectral Servant (70)2.04%
Mag'har GrainbreadGhostly Steward (71)1.75%
Purified Draenic WaterGhostly Steward (71)1.75%
Super Healing PotionSpectral Stable Hand (70)1.74%
Smoked Talbuk VenisonEthereal Thief (72)1.67%
Purified Draenic WaterEthereal Thief (72)1.67%
Super Healing PotionSkeletal Waiter (71)1.67%
Scroll of Agility VSkeletal Usher (72)1.64%
Scroll of Strength VSpectral Performer (71)1.61%
Super Mana PotionPhantom Guest (70)1.46%
Super Mana PotionSpectral Patron (70)1.39%
Purified Draenic WaterSpectral Patron (70)1.39%
Super Mana PotionAttumen the Huntsman1.27%
Super Mana PotionAttumen the Huntsman1.27%
Purified Draenic WaterSpectral Servant (70)1.02%
Scroll of Intellect VSpectral Stable Hand (70)0.87%
Super Healing PotionPhantom Guest (70)0.73%
Legacy of the Mountain KingSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Scroll of Intellect VPhantom Guest (70)0.42%
Arcane DustPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Scroll of Strength VPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Razor Sharp FangPhase Hound (70)250.00%
Elemental FragmentChaotic Sentience (71)236.36%
Razor Sharp FangGreater Fleshbeast (72)223.81%
Elemental FragmentMana Warp (70)217.65%
Resilient Tail HairSpectral Charger (71)203.70%
Razor Sharp FangFleshbeast (72)202.44%
Razor Sharp FangShadowbeast (70)200.00%
Resilient Tail HairSpectral Stallion (71)200.00%
Elemental FragmentArcane Anomaly (71)194.92%
Elemental FragmentMagical Horror (71)166.67%
Razor Sharp FangDreadbeast (71)125.00%
Gnarled ClawDreadbeast (71)100.00%
Gnarled ClawShadowbeast (70)100.00%
Primordial EssenceMagical Horror (71)72.22%
Elemental FragmentMana Feeder (70)69.77%
Elemental FragmentSyphoner (70)65.85%
Large Bat FangShadowbat (70)62.50%
Worn HoofSpectral Stallion (71)57.89%
Large Bat FangGreater Shadowbat (71)50.00%
Gnarled ClawFleshbeast (72)48.78%
Primordial EssenceMana Warp (70)43.53%
Primordial EssenceArcane Anomaly (71)42.37%
Worn HoofSpectral Charger (71)34.57%
Corroded Mail BracersColdmist Stalker (70)33.33%
Dilapidated Cloth BracersConcubine (71)29.41%
Gnarled ClawGreater Fleshbeast (72)28.57%
Deteriorating Plate BeltColdmist Stalker (70)16.67%
Deteriorating Plate BootsColdmist Stalker (70)16.67%
Stone ReaperColdmist Stalker (70)16.67%
Primordial EssenceMana Feeder (70)13.95%
Primordial EssenceSyphoner (70)11.38%
Dilapidated Cloth VestPhantom Attendant (71)8.70%
Corroded Mail BracersGhostly Steward (71)7.02%
Rusted MusketGhostly Steward (71)5.26%
Deteriorating Plate HelmetSpectral Performer (71)4.84%
Dilapidated Cloth ShoulderpadsGreater Fleshbeast (72)4.76%
Decaying Leather BeltPhantom Attendant (71)4.35%
Deteriorating BladePhantom Attendant (71)4.35%
Corroded MaceHomunculus (70)4.23%
Dilapidated Cloth BootsSpectral Apprentice (70)4.00%
The Stoppable ForceGhostly Philanthropist (72)3.85%
Decaying Leather BootsSorcerous Shade (72)3.85%
Deteriorating Plate PantsSorcerous Shade (72)3.85%
Dilapidated Cloth GlovesArcane Watchman (72)3.70%
Dilapidated Cloth BootsMana Warp (70)3.53%
Deteriorating Plate BracersGhastly Haunt (72)3.45%
Deteriorating Plate BracersTrapped Soul (72)3.45%
Decaying Leather PantsArcane Anomaly (71)3.39%
Dense War StaffEthereal Thief (72)3.33%
Dilapidated Cloth BeltSkeletal Waiter (71)3.33%
Corroded MaceSkeletal Waiter (71)3.33%
Decaying Leather BeltPhantom Valet (72)3.23%
Decaying Leather BootsPhantom Valet (72)3.23%
Deteriorating Plate BootsPhantom Valet (72)3.23%
Deteriorating Plate ChestpieceSpectral Performer (71)3.23%
Dilapidated Cloth PantsEthereal Spellfilcher (72)2.94%
Decaying Leather ShoulderpadsEthereal Spellfilcher (72)2.94%
Corroded Mail BeltEthereal Spellfilcher (72)2.94%
Corroded Mail BracersHomunculus (70)2.82%
Corroded Mail PantsMagical Horror (71)2.78%
Eroded AxeMagical Horror (71)2.78%
Decaying Leather ArmorShadow Pillager (72)2.50%
Stone ReaperSpectral Charger (71)2.47%
Tarnished ClaymoreFleshbeast (72)2.44%
Dilapidated Cloth ShoulderpadsPhantom Stagehand (71)2.33%
Decaying Leather BracersPhantom Stagehand (71)2.33%
Corroded Mail BeltPhantom Stagehand (71)2.33%
Broken LongbowPhantom Stagehand (71)2.33%
Dilapidated Cloth BracersPhantom Guardsman (71)2.08%
Decaying Leather PantsPhantom Guardsman (71)2.08%
Stone ReaperPhantom Guardsman (71)2.08%
Decaying Leather HelmetSpectral Servant (70)2.04%
Decaying Leather GlovesGhostly Steward (71)1.75%
Deteriorating Plate GlovesGhostly Steward (71)1.75%
Sharpened StilletoGhostly Steward (71)1.75%
Dense War StaffSpectral Stallion (71)1.75%
Decaying Leather GlovesSpectral Stable Hand (70)1.74%
Dilapidated Cloth BootsArcane Anomaly (71)1.69%
Deteriorating Plate HelmetArcane Anomaly (71)1.69%
Deteriorating BladeArcane Anomaly (71)1.69%
Rusted MusketArcane Anomaly (71)1.69%
Decaying Leather ArmorEthereal Thief (72)1.67%
Decaying Leather BeltEthereal Thief (72)1.67%
Stone ReaperEthereal Thief (72)1.67%
Decaying Leather ArmorSkeletal Waiter (71)1.67%
Decaying Leather BeltSkeletal Waiter (71)1.67%
Deteriorating Plate BeltSkeletal Waiter (71)1.67%
Deteriorating Plate GlovesSkeletal Waiter (71)1.67%
Eroded AxeSkeletal Waiter (71)1.67%
Dense War StaffSkeletal Waiter (71)1.67%
Decaying Leather BeltSkeletal Usher (72)1.64%
Corroded Mail ArmorSkeletal Usher (72)1.64%
Corroded Mail PantsSkeletal Usher (72)1.64%
Deteriorating Plate BootsSkeletal Usher (72)1.64%
Dilapidated Cloth PantsSpectral Performer (71)1.61%
Deteriorating Plate BeltSpectral Performer (71)1.61%
Deteriorating Plate BootsSpectral Performer (71)1.61%
Dilapidated Cloth GlovesHomunculus (70)1.41%
Decaying Leather BootsHomunculus (70)1.41%
Deteriorating Plate PantsHomunculus (70)1.41%
Decaying Leather BootsSpectral Patron (70)1.39%
Corroded Mail BootsSpectral Patron (70)1.39%
Deteriorating Plate ChestpieceSpectral Patron (70)1.39%
Corroded MaceSpectral Patron (70)1.39%
The Stoppable ForceSpectral Patron (70)1.39%
Dense War StaffSpectral Patron (70)1.39%
Dilapidated Cloth ShoulderpadsArcane Protector (72)1.32%
Broken LongbowArcane Protector (72)1.32%
Dilapidated Cloth BracersSpectral Charger (71)1.23%
Dilapidated Cloth HatSpectral Charger (71)1.23%
Decaying Leather ArmorSpectral Charger (71)1.23%
Tarnished ClaymoreSpectral Charger (71)1.23%
Dilapidated Cloth GlovesMana Warp (70)1.18%
Dilapidated Cloth ShoulderpadsMana Warp (70)1.18%
Dilapidated Cloth BeltSpectral Servant (70)1.02%
Dilapidated Cloth VestSpectral Servant (70)1.02%
Decaying Leather BracersSpectral Servant (70)1.02%
Deteriorating Plate ShoulderpadsSpectral Servant (70)1.02%
Sharpened StilletoSpectral Servant (70)1.02%
Rusted MusketSpectral Servant (70)1.02%
Stone ReaperSpell Shade (71)0.99%
Dense War StaffSyphoner (70)0.92%
Corroded Mail CircletSpectral Stallion (71)0.88%
Corroded Mail PantsSpectral Stallion (71)0.88%
Deteriorating Plate HelmetSpectral Stallion (71)0.88%
Broken LongbowSpectral Stallion (71)0.88%
Dilapidated Cloth BeltSpectral Stable Hand (70)0.87%
Dilapidated Cloth ShoulderpadsSpectral Stable Hand (70)0.87%
Corroded Mail PantsSpectral Stable Hand (70)0.87%
Deteriorating Plate BeltSpectral Stable Hand (70)0.87%
Stone ReaperSpectral Stable Hand (70)0.87%
Dense War StaffSpectral Stable Hand (70)0.87%
Dilapidated Cloth BracersMana Feeder (70)0.78%
Decaying Leather BeltMana Feeder (70)0.78%
Corroded Mail ArmorMana Feeder (70)0.78%
Stone ReaperMana Feeder (70)0.78%
Deteriorating BladeMana Feeder (70)0.78%
Sharpened StilletoMana Feeder (70)0.78%
Dilapidated Cloth GlovesSyphoner (70)0.62%
Corroded Mail BootsSyphoner (70)0.62%
Deteriorating Plate BeltSyphoner (70)0.62%
Deteriorating Plate BracersSyphoner (70)0.62%
Eroded AxePhantom Guest (70)0.52%
Deteriorating BladePhantom Guest (70)0.52%
The Stoppable ForcePhantom Guest (70)0.52%
Corroded Mail PantsSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Deteriorating Plate BeltSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Deteriorating Plate ChestpieceSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Dense War StaffSpell Shade (71)0.50%
Decaying Leather HelmetPhantom Guest (70)0.42%
Broken LongbowPhantom Guest (70)0.42%
Dilapidated Cloth ShoulderpadsPhantom Guest (70)0.31%
Decaying Leather BootsPhantom Guest (70)0.31%
Dense War StaffPhantom Guest (70)0.31%
Decaying Leather ArmorSyphoner (70)0.31%
Decaying Leather BeltSyphoner (70)0.31%
Decaying Leather GlovesSyphoner (70)0.31%
Corroded Mail BeltSyphoner (70)0.31%
Corroded Mail BracersSyphoner (70)0.31%
Eroded AxeSyphoner (70)0.31%
The Stoppable ForceSyphoner (70)0.31%
Rusted MusketSyphoner (70)0.31%
Dilapidated Cloth GlovesPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Dilapidated Cloth HatPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Decaying Leather ShoulderpadsPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Corroded Mail BracersPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Corroded Mail CircletPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Corroded Mail ShoulderpadsPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Deteriorating Plate BootsPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Deteriorating Plate GlovesPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Stone ReaperPhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Corroded MacePhantom Guest (70)0.21%
Dilapidated Cloth BeltPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Dilapidated Cloth PantsPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Decaying Leather ArmorPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Decaying Leather BeltPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Decaying Leather BracersPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Decaying Leather GlovesPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Decaying Leather PantsPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Corroded Mail ArmorPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Corroded Mail BeltPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Corroded Mail BootsPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Corroded Mail GlovesPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Deteriorating Plate HelmetPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Deteriorating Plate PantsPhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Tarnished ClaymorePhantom Guest (70)0.10%
Karazhan instance legends
A: Entrance (Front)
B: Stairway to the Ballroom (Moroes)
C: Stairs to Upper Stable
D: Ramp to the Guest Chambers (Maiden)
E: Stairs to Opera House Orchestra Level
F: Ramp from Mezzanine to Balcony
G: Back to Entrance
H: Connection to:
Masterīs Terrace (Nightbane)
I: Path to the Broken Stairs
1: Hastings - The Caretaker
2: Hyakiss the Lurker (Rare, Random)
Rokad the Ravager (Rare, Random)
Shadikith the Glider (Rare, Random)
3: Berthold
4: Calliard
5: Attumen the Huntsman
6: Koren
7: Moroes
Baroness Dorothea Millstipe
* (Random, Shadow Priest)
Lady Catriona Vonīindi
* (Random, Holy Priest)
Lady Keira Berrybuck
* Random, Holy Paladin
Baron Rafe Dreuger
* Random, Retribution Paladin
Lord Robin Daris
* Random, Arms Warrior
Lord Crispin Ference
* Random, Protection Warrior
8: Bennett
9: Ebonlocke
10: Keanna's Log
11: Maiden of Virtue
12: Sebastian
13: Barnes
14: Opera Event
Little Red Riding Hood (Random)
Romeo and Juliet
The Wizard of Oz
15: The Master's Terrace
Nightbane (Summon)
I: Path to the Broken Stairs
J: Broken Stairs
K: Ramp to Guardian's Library
(Shade of Aran)
L: Suspicious Bookshelf
(Passage to Illhoof)
M: Ramp up to the Celestial Watch
Ramp down to the Gamesman's Hall
(Chess Event)
N: Ramp to Medivh's Chamber
O: Spiral Stairs to Netherspace (Prince)
16: The Curator
17: Wravien
18: Gradav
19: Kamsis
20: Terestian Illhoof
Kil'rek (Imp
21 Shade of Aran
22 Netherspite
23 Ythyar (Repair and Rewards)
24 Echo of Medivh
25 Chess Event
26 Prince Malchezaar

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