Kalimdor Eastern Kingdoms Outland Instances


Location: Dustwallow Marsh Level Range: 60+ Player Limit: 40
Onyxia's Lair instance drops:
Item From Mob (lvl) %
Nexus CrystalOnyxia66.67%
Nemesis SkullcapOnyxia33.33%
Eskhandar's CollarOnyxia33.33%
Netherwind CrownOnyxia16.67%
Head of OnyxiaOnyxia16.67%
Large Brilliant ShardOnyxia33.33%
Sword of ZealOnyxia16.67%
Elder Wizard's MantleOnyxia16.67%
Codex: Prayer of Shadow ProtectionOnyxia16.67%
Onyxia Hide BackpackOnyxia66.67%
Pattern: Frostweave RobeOnyxia33.33%
Rugged LeatherOnyxian Warder (63)33.33%
Onyxia's Lair instance legends
A: Entrance
1: Onyxian Warders
2: Whelp Eggs
3: Onyxia

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