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Mana Feeder (Elite)
Level 70, found in instance Karazhan

Thanks to Dan Gilbert, for the instance maps

Drops loot:
Item Quality Droprate
Mote of ManaCommon99.22%
Elemental FragmentJunk69.77%
Primordial EssenceJunk13.95%
Flame SpessariteUncommon2.33%
Amani TomahawkUncommon1.55%
Shattered Hand BeltUncommon1.55%
Murkblood PantsUncommon1.55%
Grips of DeftnessEpic1.55%
Deteriorating BladeJunk0.78%
Corroded Mail ArmorJunk0.78%
Decaying Leather BeltJunk0.78%
Sharpened StilletoJunk0.78%
Dilapidated Cloth BracersJunk0.78%
Stone ReaperJunk0.78%
Thunder SpikeUncommon0.78%
Ambusher's CloakUncommon0.78%
Talhide Lined-LeggingsUncommon0.78%
Sundered GauntletsUncommon0.78%
Archmage HeadpieceUncommon0.78%
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Mob summary:

No coin!

Kills: 129
Hostile towards AllianceHostile towards Horde

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