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Coilfang Sorceress (Elite)
Level 70, found in instance The Steamvault

Thanks to Dan Gilbert, for the instance maps

Average coin drop:
 34 72
Drops loot:
Item Quality Droprate
Shiny Fish ScalesCommon31.01%
Jaggal ClamCommon18.99%
Coilfang ArmamentsCommon17.72%
Sunspring CarpCommon5.06%
Purified Draenic WaterCommon3.16%
Fish OilCommon1.90%
Expedition GlovesUncommon1.27%
Golden DraeniteUncommon1.27%
Jaggal Clam MeatCommon1.27%
Corroded Mail BeltJunk1.27%
Super Healing PotionCommon1.27%
Corroded Mail ArmorJunk0.63%
Corroded Mail BracersJunk0.63%
Deteriorating Plate BeltJunk0.63%
Deteriorating Plate ChestpieceJunk0.63%
item not in dbJunk0.63%
Corroded MaceJunk0.63%
Dense War StaffJunk0.63%
Scroll of Strength VCommon0.63%
Dilapidated Cloth BracersJunk0.63%
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Mob summary:


Kills: 158
Hostile towards AllianceHostile towards Horde

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