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The Black Stalker (Elite)
Level 65 - 72, found in instance The Underbog

Thanks to Dan Gilbert, for the instance maps

Average coin drop:
 13 5
Drops loot:
Item Quality Droprate
Brain of the Black StalkerCommon39.53%
Sanguine HibiscusCommon34.88%
Badge of JusticeEpic23.26%
Skulldugger's LeggingsRare18.60%
Primal NetherRare16.28%
Strange SporesCommon11.63%
The Black StalkEpic9.30%
Demonfang Ritual HelmRare6.98%
Stormshield of RenewalRare6.98%
Robes of the AugurerRare6.98%
Splendid Fire OpalEpic6.98%
The Stalker's FangsRare6.98%
Pauldrons of Brute ForceRare6.98%
Barkchip BootsEpic4.65%
Savage Mask of the Lynx LordRare4.65%
Ring of Fabled HopeRare4.65%
Lambent ChrysopraseEpic4.65%
Black Stalker EggCommon4.65%
Mistyreed HoodUncommon4.65%
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Mob summary:


Kills: 43
Hostile towards AllianceHostile towards Horde

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