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Vicious Gray Bear
Level 22 - 23, found in zone Hillsbrad Foothills, found in instance Old Hillsbrad Foothills

Thanks to Dan Gilbert, for the instance maps

Skinning yields:
Item Quality
Light HideCommon
Light LeatherCommon
Medium LeatherCommon
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Drops loot:
Item Quality Droprate
Big Bear MeatCommon25.99%
Light LeatherCommon25.24%
Rotting Bear CarcassJunk21.60%
Bloody Bear PawJunk20.32%
Medium LeatherCommon15.19%
Gray Bear TongueCommon8.56%
Torn Bear PeltCommon5.99%
Bear Gall BladderJunk5.24%
Sharp ClawCommon2.25%
Medium HideCommon1.07%
Light HideCommon1.07%
Scouting BeltUncommon0.21%
Superior CloakUncommon0.21%
Buccaneer's PantsUncommon0.21%
Scouting TrousersUncommon0.11%
Fortified CloakUncommon0.11%
Fortified BeltUncommon0.11%
Buccaneer's MantleCommon0.11%
Demon BandUncommon0.11%
Ring of the MoonUncommon0.11%
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Mob summary:

No coin!

Kills: 935
Hostile towards AllianceHostile towards Horde

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