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Ashenvale Bear
Level 21 - 22, found in zones Ashenvale - Stonetalon Mountains

Skinning yields:
Item Quality
Light HideCommon
Light LeatherCommon
Medium LeatherCommon
Bloody Bear PawJunk
Oak MalletUncommon
Bear Gall BladderJunk
Big Bear MeatCommon
Medium HideCommon
Broken AntlerJunk
Large HoofJunk
Rotting Bear CarcassJunk
Torn Bear PeltCommon
Outrunner's ShieldUncommon
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Drops loot:
Item Quality Droprate
Light LeatherCommon26.95%
Big Bear MeatCommon23.23%
Bloody Bear PawJunk19.86%
Medium LeatherCommon19.50%
Rotting Bear CarcassJunk19.24%
Torn Bear PeltCommon6.47%
Bear Gall BladderJunk5.14%
Sharp ClawCommon2.57%
Medium HideCommon1.77%
Light HideCommon0.89%
Oak MalletUncommon0.18%
Grunt's HandwrapsUncommon0.18%
Outrunner's PauldronsCommon0.18%
Large Blue SackCommon0.18%
Stout BattlehammerUncommon0.18%
Outrunner's ShieldUncommon0.18%
Battering HammerUncommon0.09%
Hulking BandsUncommon0.09%
Ring of the MoonUncommon0.09%
Clay RingUncommon0.09%
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Mob summary:

No coin!

Kills: 1128
Hostile towards AllianceHostile towards Horde

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