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Wildthorn Stalker
Level 20 - 21, found in zones Ashenvale - The Barrens

Skinning yields:
Item Quality
Fist-sized SpinneretJunk
Crisp Spider MeatCommon
Gooey Spider LegCommon
Spider IchorCommon
Spider's SilkCommon
Crunchy Spider LegCommon
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Drops loot:
Item Quality Droprate
Spider IchorCommon47.34%
Crunchy Spider LegCommon39.72%
Crisp Spider MeatCommon37.88%
Gooey Spider LegCommon33.26%
Spider PalpJunk23.09%
Fist-sized SpinneretJunk11.55%
Spider's SilkCommon6.24%
Large Venom SacCommon5.31%
Hulking BandsUncommon0.46%
Grunt's CapeUncommon0.23%
Bloodspattered Shoulder PadsCommon0.23%
Feral LeggingsUncommon0.23%
Rigid CapeUncommon0.23%
War Paint ShieldUncommon0.23%
Bristlebark BootsUncommon0.23%
Prospector's ChestpieceUncommon0.23%
Thorbia's GauntletsRare0.23%
Volcanic Rock RingUncommon0.23%
Opaque WandUncommon0.23%
Ritual LeggingsUncommon0.23%
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Mob summary:

No coin!

Kills: 433
Hostile towards AllianceHostile towards Horde

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