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Feral Scar Yeti
Level 43 - 44, found in zone Feralas

Average coin drop:
 1 44
Skinning yields:
Item Quality
Moonberry JuiceCommon
Heavy LeatherCommon
Heavy HideCommon
Thick LeatherCommon
Cured Ham SteakCommon
Wicked ClawCommon
Thick HideCommon
Thick Yeti HideCommon
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Drops loot:
Item Quality Droprate
Thick LeatherCommon16.45%
Thick Yeti HideCommon14.65%
Heavy LeatherCommon14.29%
Cured Ham SteakCommon2.88%
Moonberry JuiceCommon2.28%
Thick HideCommon1.80%
Heavy HideCommon1.44%
Wicked ClawCommon1.20%
Superior Healing PotionCommon0.60%
Scroll of Spirit IIICommon0.48%
Headstriker SwordUncommon0.48%
Lunar LeggingsUncommon0.48%
Scorpashi WristbandsUncommon0.48%
Whetted ClaymoreJunk0.36%
Blunting MaceJunk0.36%
Overlinked Chain BracersJunk0.24%
Overlinked Chain BootsJunk0.24%
Balanced Long BowJunk0.24%
Overlinked Chain ArmorJunk0.24%
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Mob summary:


Kills: 833
Hostile towards AllianceHostile towards Horde

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