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Deviate Venomwing (Elite)
Level 19 - 21, found in zone Wailing Caverns, found in instance Wailing Caverns

Thanks to Dan Gilbert, for the instance maps

Skinning yields:
Item Quality
Light HideCommon
Light LeatherCommon
Medium LeatherCommon
Medium HideCommon
Forked TongueJunk
Brittle MoltingJunk
Deviate ScaleCommon
Perfect Deviate ScaleCommon
Outrunner's GlovesUncommon
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Drops loot:
Item Quality Droprate
Forked TongueJunk45.08%
Light LeatherCommon30.80%
Light FeatherCommon16.88%
Brittle MoltingJunk14.29%
Deviate ScaleCommon9.09%
Medium LeatherCommon7.42%
Perfect Deviate ScaleCommon4.45%
Deviate HideCommon4.08%
Light HideCommon2.60%
Ritual GlovesUncommon0.74%
Oak MalletUncommon0.74%
Medium HideCommon0.74%
Bloodspattered SurcoatUncommon0.56%
Pattern: Hillman's Leather VestUncommon0.56%
Bloodspattered Shoulder PadsCommon0.37%
Bristlebark CapeUncommon0.37%
Outrunner's SlippersUncommon0.37%
Ritual SandalsUncommon0.37%
Battering HammerUncommon0.37%
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Mob summary:

No coin!

Kills: 539
Hostile towards AllianceHostile towards Horde

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